Assistant Hard Cider Maker

Champlain Orchards

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Job summary

Assist Head Cidermaker with all aspects of production of hard and ice cider products.

Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Ability to work independently and with team of alcohol production staff and Champlain orchards staff

  • Monitor and execute all production steps including following Standard Operating Procedures for:

    • Must analysis, fermentation

    • Additions of yeast, sulfite, nutrients and/or other additives as needed

    • Settling, racking, and cold stabilization

    • Filtration and fining

    • Blending, bottling, labeling

    • Warehousing of cased goods

  • Planning, coordinating and monitoring workflow process

  • Monthly audits of bottled and bulk cider inventories and record keeping

  • Product Development

  • Quality Control and Lab analysis

  • Assist in filling orders of self-distribution and FOB shipments to distributors

  • Ensure company standards for food safety, proper food handling practices, sanitation, and productive are maintained, and completing all required Food Safety records as required.

  • Cleaning and sanitation.

    • last 30 minutes each day, reserved for cleaning equipment and Cidery

    • sanitation of vessels, hoses, and production equipment before and after use

    • organize dry goods, equipment, Cidery for easy access and use

Education and Experience requirements

The position requires an individual who has a Degree in Science or Biology or at least two years of related experience in a Cidery, Brewery, Winery, or related industries.  

Abilities required

The individual needs to be willing and able to work long, physical hours; be able to lift 50 lbs, and push heavy pallet jacks. Be comfortable operating a fork lift and with operating equipment with high pressure and electricity.  Have a working knowledge of pumps, hoses, tanks, filters, and other process equipment. Safe handling and practices with cleaning and process chemicals. Be able to perform relevant chemical analysis and calculations.

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