Head of Distillery/ Plant Manager

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Whiskey distiller in Southern Texas is seeking a superstar Head of Distillery/Plant Manager.

We are currently in production and selling our products nationally and internationally.

If you are a self-starter, detail-oriented, passionate about craft spirits, then we are the company for you!  This is a fantastic opportunity for someone interested in showing their creative skills in developing premium whiskey.  We need an energetic and focused individual who knows their way around fermentation and distillation; someone who can see a quality product through from sourcing all the way to bottling.  Seeking someone with a clear understanding of brown spirits maturation quality.  At minimum, we need a person with an intuitive understanding of the processes involved in and the basic chemistry behind distilling and science of making distilled spirits.  An ideal candidate will have at least 5 years’ experience making great whiskeys.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Manage recipe development, spirit integrity and testing
  • Evaluate and monitor spirits produced and raw materials involved in distilling
  • Performs every aspect of production including, milling, mashing, fermenting, distilling, tasting, proofing, cellaring, bottling, blending, labeling procedures, and schedules
  • Performing regular testing throughout fermentation and distilling process to determine necessary information in producing a quality product
  • Complete lab testing and quality control procedures focusing on continuous improvement
  • Control all ordering and materials inventory to produce and control cost of goods or COGS.  Manage raw ingredients inventories, schedule deliveries, and forecast production needs
  • Supervise cleanliness and sanitation procedures for all distillery operations and equipment including compliance with CIP (Clean-In-Place) standards.
  • Provide oversight of all distillery personnel and operations.
  • Create and manage all record keeping in spreadsheets or any other required spirits programs suited for distillery.

You will get the chance to work for a company that will value not only your experience but your voice in shaping our award-winning authentic whiskey and bourbon.  Our company has already made a name for itself as a producer of innovative and award-winning products.  Now we are looking to expand current operations and that’s where you come in.  This career opportunity will give you the chance to really make a name for yourself by putting your fingerprint on our Brand.  We will consider a client candidate that is currently working as an assistant or second in command and wants to create a great experience with whiskey.  We’d love to add you to our team! 

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