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We are seeking an assistant cider maker to grow our small production team from two to three! This newest team member will be responsible for the timely completion of cellar tasks, with the opportunity to grow into a leading role as our team continues to expand. The assistant cider maker will promote a clean and safe working space, interact with distributors and suppliers, and have a comprehensive understanding of overall workflow for the entire facility. Must be dog and Friday-family-crockpot-friendly.


  • Cellar work functions (not limited to): cleaning/sanitizing IBCs, tanks, hosing, and kegs on pace to maintain a consistent production schedule
  • Assisting the head cider maker with cider bulk intakes, transfer procedures, lab measurements, and yeast pitches.
  • Preparing and staging orders, loading and receiving shipments from distributors, and documenting inventory as it enters and leaves the facility
  • Routinely documenting and filing daily operations reports, bills of lading, constraint logs, and equipment maintenance/status sheets.
  • Operating fork lift to move product, load trucks, maintain an organized facility, and execute cleaning and transfer procedures.
  • Understanding and applying the concepts of lean manufacturing in order to identify and address bottlenecks, constraints, and variation (when possible) for the long term improvement of cider making quality and standardization.
  • Maintaining a strong understanding of your role and responsibilities in relation to overall company workflow in order to communicate intentionally, identify and address potential problems before they arise, and maintain an individual work schedule that propels the team oriented goal.


  • Ability to repeatedly lift, hold, and pour objects exceeding 50lbs
  • Ability to bend, twist, crouch, and climb ladders
  • Strong communication skills. Ability to identify and communicate gaps in information, coordinate shared resource use among coworkers, and express yourself in writing
  • Strong attention to detail and safety
  • Ability to continually process and absorb new information, problem solve, and adjust plans quickly
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Previous brewing experience preferred, but not necessary!

Full Time + Healthcare: 8:30am – 5:00pm with occasional early mornings and weekend work + the opportunity to work promotional events for an hourly rate.

Please send a resume and a one page cover letter that explains why you’re interested in working with the team over here at Prospect.

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