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Hopworks Urban Brewery

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Come work for Portland's first Eco Brewpub! We are a family owned,  sustainability focused brewery based out of Portland Oregon.


It is the responsibility of the Lead Cellar Operator to maintain the highest standard in all aspects of the brewery & Cellar including
training, cellar work, recordkeeping, filtration, brewing and maintenance. The Lead Cellar must train and perform all cellar duties
within best practices and uphold the most current industry standards and company standard operating procedures. Candidate must be
enthusiastic about the brewing industry and must be passionate about great beer and sustainability.

Essential Functions
o Executes the relevant Brewhouse strategic plan with the Head Brewer.
o Assist in the implementation of HUB values within the department.
o Manage Brewery activities and resource to ensure inter-departmental alignment with the strategic plan.
o Participating in developing the overall growth strategy of the brewery.
o Help drive the financial, social and environmental plan to ensure success and alignment with B Corp standards.
o Be mindful of B-Corp values when performing day to day operations; sustainability, ingredient sourcing, footprint.
o Assist the Head Brewer in managing the budget.
o Control operating costs and inventory.
o Ensure ERP systems are fully functional and accurately recording data.
o Participate in key decisions as a member of the Brewery team.
o Maintain in-depth relations with all members of the Brewery and Pub teams.
o Provide Head Brewer with project status updates and recommend corrective actions to ensure commitments are met.

Major Responsibilities
? Turn valves and start pumps to start or regulate flow of beer making process; suggest enhancements and assist with
developing new processes.
? Schedule other workers to start and stop flows of materials or substances. Communicate process or quality problems to the
Head Brewer
? Train other workers in the standard operating procedures of their job responsibilities
? Monitor gauges and flow meters and inspect equipment to ensure that tank levels, temperatures, chemical amounts, and
pressures are at specified levels, reporting abnormalities as necessary.
? Record operating data such as products and quantities filtered, stocks used, gauging results, and operating times. Maintain a
neat and accurate production log.
? Read operating schedules or instructions or receive verbal orders, in order to determine amounts to be filtered.
? Connect hoses and pipelines to pumps and vessels prior to material transfer, using hand tools.
? Filter beer as stated by standard operating procedures.
? Maintain daily cellar inventory and report the numbers to Daily Transfer Log

? Work effectively with the Head Brewer to meet production needs; participate in brewing production meetings.
? Work with packaging team to ensure proper procedures are followed.
? Set CO2 volumes for bottling and kegging.
? Participate in weekly filter schedule.
? Maintain a neat and clean DE storage area.
? Pre- and post-cleaning and sanitation of all transfer lines, ferment vessels, and BT’s
? Cleaning of all instrumentation for cellars (DO meter, Gehaltemeter, Hydrometer)
? CIP of empty conditioning tanks.
? Prepare for daily production.
? Update conditioning beer grease board daily.
? Ensure overall cleanliness of the cellar and office.
? Test materials and solutions, using testing equipment.
? Maintain a safe work environment and communicate inconsistencies.
? Zwickel and valve seat repair.
? Collect and deliver sample solutions for laboratory analysis.
? Pressure release valve maintenance and calibration
? Inventory raw materials and place orders as needed

Required Skills & Experience
? Must possess extensive knowledge of current industry practices.
? Must be a strong leader with the ability to manage and hold employees accountable.
? Must have at least 2 years of Cellar operations and experience managing teams.
? Some college with math, science, chemistry courses or brewing specific course work preferred. Experience in brewing and
fermentation and/or quality control experience required.
? Must have strong knowledge of safe work operations, policies and procedures.

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