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TEONAN is a Montreal-based beverage startup launching in US and Canada in April 2019. Our vision is to develop a range of product brands for the wellness/organic beverage industry, each revolving around their own unique and well-defined story. The common thread tying our products together is that they are not merely just not bad for you, not simply “better for you”, but that they are crazy good for you, and as importantly - delicious. We are tapping into the preventative medicine renaissance occuring in the food and beverage space, and we are supporting this shift by offering products that not only do your body and mind a great service, but that are a pleasure to consume.

Our first product is a range of organic instant wellness beverages called ‘Hot Drinks that Heal’ consisting of 5 flavours (Coffee Black ‘n Bitter, Cafe Latte, Matcha Latte, Turmeric Latte, Hot Cacao), each containing a variety of medicinal mushrooms, adaptogens, and probiotics. We are also currently developing 2 different RTD drinks imbued with a strongly driven emotional narrative earmarked for the functional beverage segment. Our passion is to (re)introduce people to the ancient wisdom of the medicinal treasure trove found in nature and present it through modern, experiential means ie delicious drinks!


  • TEONAN is looking for a Head of Public Relations & Brand Influence to join our team. Simply put, the job is to use the tools of this specific sphere (public relations, social media, brand influencers) to help us cause a ruckus - to get the word out in the collective of who we are, what we do, and importantly, why that matters!
  • The primary responsibilities revolve around the ability to connect with influencers (mostly online) to forge mutually-beneficial relationships in the wellness and beverage industries, to curate and manage our Instagram profile according to an intentional artistic direction, to help define and evolve said artistic direction, to direct the development of relevant content and connect with third-party blogs for publication of that content, and implementing any other creative strategies to help us with the higher goal of getting new customers for our online platform.
  • Though TEONAN is currently headquartered in Montreal (Canada), this job will be performed remotely from the US, with a strong preference for someone located in NY. The individual will be bestowed with a tremendous amount of autonomy and flexibility, meaning they need to be a driven, organized, and self-motivated person who is a reliable and well-articulated communicator.
  • We are looking for someone who has a background and skills in modern PR and brand influencing, who is a natural extrovert and empath that loves connecting with individuals to build authentic relationships. This is a full-time position.


    - The ability to plan, execute, review, and refine discrete PR, social media, and influencer campaigns, as well as clearly document and communicate the whole process to upper management via Slack, Asana, and G-suite.
    - To establish and maintain relationships with key individuals and influencers in the wellness and organic food and beverage space.
    - Regular communication with upper management via Slack/Asana/Email to ensure they stay updated on current work focus and progress.
    - Act as a brand ambassador for TEONAN in the US, in particular NY-area.
    - Represent the company at strategically-selected trade shows to strengthen brand and build key relationships
    - Direct and evolve, along with relevant upper management, the artistic direction of our Instagram profile. Curate and produce content (with collaborators), run specific marketing campaigns, and strengthen overall influence in the Instagram-sphere.
    - To plan and outsource the creation of brand-relevant content, and connect with blogs and other influential online publication platforms to increase brand influence and drive traffic.
    - ?Connect with other brands in the industry to develop key strategic alliances, promotions, and product collaborations.


    - Somebody with a background in the beverage and/or wellness industry who has experience in PR/Brand Influencer management.
    - A US citizen or resident with the ability to travel within the US for trade shows, expos, influencer meetings etc.
    - A personal with a genuine interest and passion for wellness and the natural/organic food and beverage category.
    - Seems obvious, but just in case you were unsure: the individual needs to have sublime verbal and written skills.



    - At least two years experience in PR/branding, with a preference for wellness products
    - Experience working with influencers and blogs in the wellness space with established relationships
    - A Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field (public relations, media, marketing, sociology etc) is gravy - a definite boon but not required if individual has an established track record of success in these field
    - Some background in sales or a well-developed persuasive ability. 


    This job commences on May 1, 2019.

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