Director of Operations


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Title: Director of Operations

Company: Kikoko, a cannabis health and wellness company

Location: Emeryville

Kikoko is leading cannabis wellness for women.  We manufacture cannabis-infused herbal teas and manuka honey shots in Emeryville, CA. Our start-up is growing rapidly and garnering major press and market share. We have built a conscious company that encourages professional and personal growth and are now looking for the right individual to join our team.

Job Overview:  The Director of Operations will organize and oversee the day-to-day operations and functions of our manufacturing facility and the manufacturing of finished goods.

This position is responsible for the production, manufacturing and order fulfillment of finished goods. As we develop new products, either their own branded products, or white label products, the Director of Operations will assume the duties necessary as it relates to the production and manufacturing of these product lines and others. The initial duties relate to our current products and the timing of additional products is uncertain but part of the future responsibilities and opportunities of this position. We expect you to have deep know-how in production procedures and the ability to direct personnel towards maximum performance. Decision-making and problem solving will be key to your performance and success.

Responsibilities include:

  • Liaise with team to formulate objectives and understand requirements.
  • Oversee the running of the warehouse, the ordering and delivery of materials and equipment, track inventory, and maintain purchase records.
  • Coordinate production schedules and workflow to meet production requirements, completion of projects and ensure work is completed on time to produce finished goods.
  • Determine amount of necessary inventory levels and resources for both workforce and raw materials.
  • Ensure output of finished goods meets quality standards and metrics of desired dosage per product.

    Primary Responsibilities:

    • Manage Warehouse
      • Oversee receiving, warehousing, distribution and maintenance of operations and warehouse.
      • Determine and manage warehouse in compliance with operational policies and procedures, best practices and codes and optimal health, safety, hygiene and security requirements.
      • Set-up layout to ensure efficient space utilization.
      • Ensure productivity targets are achieved and that warehouse processes are running smoothly and promptly.
      • Liaise with suppliers and transport companies.
      • Plan schedules, assign tasks, supervise production staffing, appraise results and evaluate their performance.
    • Production Schedule
      • Keep and maintain tabs of all inventory levels, raw ingredients and work-in-process materials, including test result status.
      • Work with Head Chemist to be aware of which products are set to be in Production, send in special requests as needed
      • Create Production and Product Packaging priorities and schedule accordingly.
      • Anticipate inventory and special raw material needs.
      • Monitor production and resolve issues as they arise.
      • Work with management to create and report on key production metrics.
    • Distribution
      • Responsible for fulfillment and delivery of purchase orders for various distribution channels
      • Manage Certificates of Analysis (COA’s) for all product lines
    • Testing
      • Be aware of incoming results for State-Tested Finished Goods
        • If a failed result arrives, coordinate with management on the batch’s sellable future
          • Submit Remediation Report if Order is to be Relabel
        • If a passed result arrives, coordinate sales and finance team on sellable, ready product
    • Equipment and Scaling
      • Oversee the running, operating and maintenance machinery and equipment
        • Monitor equipment needs and capabilities for maximum efficiency and evaluate what equipment is needed for next stage of scaling
      • Research and make recommendations for new equipment purchases
    • Inventory
      • Manage and maintain company’s cannabis/non-cannabis inventory online management systems. Continually devise ways to optimize inventory control procedures, manage and track inventory stock levels and reconcile with physical counts and METRC when applicable. Create reports as needed.
      • Determine when to order inventoriable items based on upcoming projections. Place orders to replenish stock avoiding insufficiencies or excessive surplus.
      • Inspect packaging supplies and materials to identify shortages, maintain appropriate inventory levels and to ensure product stock and inventory is adequate to fulfill orders for various distribution channels.
      • Coordinate the ordering of necessary goods and services (collaborate with management as necessary) and finalize PO details and order materials as needed.
      • Oversee the efficient receipt, inspection and storage of supplies and products received.
      • Record deliveries and shipments to reconcile inventory.
      • Evaluate suppliers to achieve cost-effective deals and maintain trust relationships (collaborate with management as necessary).
      • Oversee deliveries to our distribution partners.
    • Communication
      • Work with Sales/Marketing department to meet and prepare for demand
      • Interface and coordinate with outside copackers
    • Other:
      • Enforce stringent GMP and hygiene policies
      • Maintain and enforce compliance protocols
      • Constantly be looking for ways to create efficiencies.
      • Research and identify ways to save money in our processing.
      • Write SOP’s on manufacturing process.
      • Procurement – Collaborate with management to insure proper procurement of resources
      • Write and put in place a product recall program
      • Understand the needs of the company and work with team members to achieve goals
      • Ability to perform repetitive tasks for extended period of time and ability to sit or stand for extended periods of time
      • Ability to learn new skills quickly
      • Adaptable and comfortable in a fast-paced environment
      • Strong problem-solving skills and detail oriented and organized
      • Ability to lift at least 30 lbs
      • Must have excellent manual dexterity and impeccable personal hygiene
      • Strong decision-making skills and a results-driven approach
      • Excellent organizational and planning skills
      • Knowledge of performance evaluation and budgeting concepts
      • Reliable and trustworthy


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