Brewer / Cellar Operator

Cold Spring Brewing Company/Third Street Brewhouse

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JOB SUMMARY:   This position monitors, performs, and documents the processes involved in brewing, and moving product.





  • Collects samples of product for testing and quality verification.
  • Sanitizes tanks, lines,  heat exchangers, and other equipment, following all appropriate Safety and Quality procedures.
  • Stages the beer, especially monitoring critical temperature requirements of the process.
  • Monitors product appropriately throughout process.
  • Maintains cleanliness of areas responsible for.
  • Responsible to let treatment plant know of any unusal sewage loads
  • Involved the the taste testing process.
  • Is responsible for the Kegs, including; washing, filling, hauling, and recording production.
  • Performs all other duties as assigned or required by the supervisor/customer.






  •       1.  Adhere to and comply with Good Manufacturing Practices as outlined in Employee Handbook. 
  •       2.  Perform all aspects of position to highest quality.
  •       3.  Report any non-conformance to Supervisor immediately.
  •       4.  Know all quality standards and expectations of position and if not sure, ask supervisor before






  •       1.  Know all safety requirements of position prior to starting any job.
  •       2.  Follow all safety rules and procedures established by the company.
  •       3.  Take personal responsibility for own safety and fellow employees, correcting and/or assisting in the

               correction of any safety hazard identified.



  •       1.  Use all company resources in the most efficient manner, using best practice conservation of these

               resources per company policy and Good Manufacturing Practices as outlined in Employee  


  •       2.  Report any waste or poor conservation practices to your immediate Supervisor.
  •       3.  Continuously looking for improved practices and processes in your position, and contributing these

               ideas to your immediate supervisor



  •     1.  Arrive on time and at work station fully ready to work with proper attire, at start of shift and   

             throughout entire shift.

  •     2.  Prompt return from any and all break periods.
  •     3.  Meet all productivity standards established for position.



  •     1.  Treat all employees and visitors with respect and consideration.
  •     2.  Display loyalty and enthusiasm for this position and the company, both at work and in the


  •     3.  Willingly help out in all areas of the operation, taking the initiative to help others with work loads.
  •     4.  Accept changing conditions and situations in work responsibilities.  Deal with frustration and anger

             in a mature professional manner.




    TYPICAL PHYSICAL DEMANDS:  This position is required to stand hard surfaces for entire shift.  Also regular bending, stooping and lifting up to 50lbs.  Position must be able to communicate with all levels of employees, vendors, customers and visitors.




    Various and all production equipment.

    Various and all quality monitoring equipment.



    TYPICAL WORKING ENVIRONMENT:  This position works entirely in a production environment which includes high-speed equipment and damp floors.  Noise, dust, and variable temperature and use of production chemicals is also typical in this work environment.  May be required to work and direct in confined spaces, and work with high pressure steam.









                Education:   High School Diploma or G.E.D.  Post secondary training in brewing is preferred.  


                Experience:   1-3 years experience in a high speed production environment is preferred, but not

  •                                   required. 



                Skills and Abilities:   This position requires above average verbal and written communication skills. 

                                                   Thorough knowledge of production operations, including all safety

  •                                                 requirements.  Position requires a thorough knowledge of brewing including

                                                    above average math and science skills including Biology and Chemistry.

                                                   Must be completely familiar with appropriate Safety Procedures such as

                                                   Confined Space Entry and Hazard Communications requirements.  Must have

                                                    a strong mechanical background, be goal oriented, and be able to work

  •                                                 independently.  Must also have good organization skills and be detailed
  •                                                 oriented.  Must be able to work effectively with all levels of personnel.
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