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Drowned Lands

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Drowned Lands Brewery is a farmhouse brewery located in the picturesque and quaint village of Warwick, NY.  The brand is focused on quality, experience, and beer that represents a unique time & place.

Job Requirements & Responsibilities

  • Minimum 5 years experience working as a professional brewer on a commercial system.
  • Minimum 2 years working in a barrel/cellar program.  Strong understanding of mixed cultures, wild fermentation, solera method, yeast propagation, harvesting local microbes, etc.  
  • Experience designing a lab and quality control procedures and testing. Establishing and monitoring SOPs.  Ensure safety protocols are observed.
  • Solid Educational background, preferably in Microbiology or Brewing Science
  • Passion for the style of beers we brew (Farmhouse, Sour IPAs, Belgian, Saision, fruited sours, Pilsner, NEIPAs, Spirit inspired ales).  Sensory skills relating to these styles particularly.
  • Creative input on recipe development and a consistent desire to learn new techniques and technologies. 
  • Willingness to train other brewery staff, sales staff, retail staff, etc.
  • Solid Mechanical skills as it relates to canning line, brewing equip, chillers, boilers, pumps, etc.
  • Inventory & Production management; basic reporting & scheduling skills.
  • Represent brewery at public tastings, events, and festivals.  Positive attitude in general.


About Drowned Lands

We’re located in the beautiful village of Warwick, NY, known for it’s extremely rich agriculture, beautiful landscapes, and as the premiere destination spot for nearby urban areas like NYC, NJ, and CT.  Our unique indoor/outdoor property includes 3 lush acres of land with a 16,000 square ft historic brick building from the 1930’s.  The property is adjacent to a river, lake, and mountain range, plus approx 500+ acres of protected park land in our backyard.  Our 16,000 square foot facility houses a 15bbl steam brewhouse, 1bbl pilot system, canning line, and an extensive oak program of barrels & foeders. 

Our brewing mantra is to focus on quality first, highlighting our unique terroir and microflora, and providing an unparalleled experience for the consumer.  Part of our cultural identity is to “Slow Down, Stay Awhile”.  This idea is presented in our belief that beer should be communal, enjoyed at a beautiful facility, and taking the time to describe and discuss each style is important.  It’s also presented in our brewing process in which we patiently age beers for 1, 2, 3+ years.

Compensation & Perks

$65k -$75k depending on experience 
Annual Raises & Bonuses based on performance
Profit Sharing for key employees
Flexible work hours, paid holidays, vacation time, emphasis on work/life balance
Creative freedom and state of the art equipment to work with
Beautiful Brewing facility, Land, and Tasting Room

Please send a brief cover letter and resume to mike@drownedlands.beer  Cheers!

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