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Sourced Craft Cocktails

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Sourced Craft Cocktails Company Overview:

The alcohol distribution world is a $23 BILLION industry that hasn’t changed in 86 years – until now. Sourced Craft Cocktails is an innovative, high growth experience company that has literally invented a new channel in the alcohol industry, the Non-Premise Channel.

At Sourced, we craft cocktail experiences for moments that matter to our clients. By sourcing EVERYTHING, we’re able to create the highest level of craft cocktail experiences and deliver it from your phone to your door.

For the consumer, we’re creating memorable moments by crafting cocktails that tell their unique story. For alcohol companies, were offering curated sampling with direct case depletion by getting their brands into the hands of new customers – cutting through the cluttered industry and introducing their product into a new market in a relatable way.

With over 10,000 cases of spirits delivered, our partners are seeing massive results and we’re looking to expand our team with a Sales Leader for our Alcohol Platform. This leader will launch, build, and grow our relationships to Spirits, Craft Beer, and Wine companies through our unique Sourced Platform offering.

At Sourced, our North Star is to be of service to our clients and it is why we get out of bed every day. Our number one priority is to deliver great experiences for our consumers and business clients. We are looking for someone that shares our enthusiasm for: a) being of service to others in making their lives and businesses more fun, interactive, educational and successful; and b) doing it at time periods (their brand launch!) that actually matter.

Job Title: Sales Leader, Sourced Alcohol Platform

Start Date: Immediately

Core Responsibility:

Build revenue by offering multi-national spirits companies, as well as local craft brands the following solution through the Sourced platform:

1. Curated Sampling/Liquid to Lips @ 1/3rd the market costs.

2. Incremental case depletion that has marketing spending tied DIRECTLY to case volume movement and is scalable from 10 cases to 1,500 cases based on client budget/needs.

3. Real-time consumption level data by demographics, city, and actual cocktail via monthly Sourced Platform Consumption reports.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Educate the Tier 1 Supplier brands on the Channel we’ve created. How we’re driving more case movement in places no liquor brand has been able to market before, due to Sourced solving critical compliance issues that us to enter into an entirely untouched market.
  • Takeover our current Alcohol client relationships while continuing to educate and grow those relationships, while expanding new business opportunities.
  • Lead strategy meetings with our existing Sourced Platform partners to understand their sampling needs and work with our Sourced Team to develop solutions for them.
  • Own the full sales cycle – Creating your own prospecting lists and outreach, handling inbound leads from marketing, pitching over the phone and setting up in person demo pitches, creating and presenting monthly wrap reports to clients to demonstrate the success and discuss further opportunities.
  • Hit quarterly sales goals and keep up to date on truthful pipeline forecasting.
  • Maintain an accurate pipeline within our CRM, to report on the number of sales calls, response rate, bids submitted, close rates and renewals.
  • Physically be present for the first 30 minutes of first client event to manage relationships/deliverables.
  • Work with VP of Sales & Marketing to develop alcohol industry marketing campaigns at major industry events (i.e. Tales of the Cocktail, SACC, etc)
  • Define KPIs for marketing return against the industry.
  • Monitor competitor activity, market conditions, and product development.
  • Speak on behalf of the company to the industry publicly/press perspective.

Job Requirements: 

  • Deep alcohol industry knowledge with direct work experience in either Tier 1 or Tier 2 of the industry.
  • Existing relationships to the Brand Manager/Event Manager teams at multiple alcohol companies.
  • College graduate (preferably with either Sales experience or at least studied or worked in the sales and/or events field).
  • Flexible work schedule.
  • Ability to communicate, have fun and lead other employees and partners.
  • Experience in the service industry, particularly in bartending, is a plus.
  • ABC Certification is a plus– Sourced will reimburse for the time and course fee if you aren’t already certified.
  • Located in New York City.

Compensation & Benefits:

  • OTE including Base, Commission, and Bonuses combined can be $135,000+ (uncapped)
  • As a full-time employee, you will be eligible 60 days after starting to enroll in our competitive health benefits program. We offer health care coverage and dental/vision from Blue Cross/Blue Shield.
  • Company Card & Expense Account
  • Open Vacation Policy

Other Important Things:

  • We operate under an employee handbook called the “ 3 Ts”: Trust, Transparency, and Tenacity…that is who we are and how we ACT…and we’ll expect the same of you. We don’t do drama. We don’t do office politics. We simply don’t have time for it.
  • We don’t have a “normal” work schedule – there will be all day events or late night events on average 3x per week. Because our customer dictates our schedule, we are super flexible with work hours. However, we will need employees to be super flexible, as well.
  • For major events, such as large music festivals, travel will be required and entertainment of your clients will be an opportunity you should relish.
  • We will require you to sign and adhere to a policy on the consumption of alcoholic beverages while on the job, which in short states, that we are not at the event as guests. We’re there to be of service to our clients and their guests and as such we do NOT drink or use drugs while on the job.
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