Production Artist / Graphic Designer, Brewery Branding Co.

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Job Summary

If you like beer, continue reading. If you have an eye for apparel design, you’re heating up. If you dreamed of making those two become a career then you’re on fire! 

Brewery Branding Co. is looking for a production artist and graphic designer to help create killer merchandise for breweries all over the country. From t-shirts and hats, to bottle openers and stickers, we design it all. The ideal candidate has a creative drive, a great eye for merchandise and apparel, self-motivated, and has a passion for beer. Ultimately, we need an applicant capable of spotting and utilizing design trends from not only the beer industry, but other similar industries, and apply them to your work.

As a member of our design team you will be creating various mock ups and designs that breweries can use to showcase their brand. You must be proficient in both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop with a good eye for designing apparel. Product photography and photo editing skills are a substantial bonus. If this seems like your destiny then please submit your resume, portfolio and questionnaire answers to

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Create new and exciting designs to use on all product categories from apparel to merchandise.
  • Use existing client artwork to create product mock-ups for customer review.
  • Be able to quickly browse a clients website in order to extract a feel for their brand and apply that to their merchandise.
  • Photograph products for online stores & marketing material.
  • Edit and manipulate files to be print ready.
  • Produce additional graphics for marketing, social media, or internal needs.
  • Perform other job duties as needed.


  • Bachelors degree in Graphic Design or at least 2 years experience in apparel design, fashion, or screen printing.
  • Excellent Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop skills.
  • Must follow current apparel trends.
  • Ability to work individually as well as in a group setting.
  • Creative drive to design new and original products.
  • Time management skills including working in a queue and prioritizing deadlines.
  • Take ownership of projects and accountability for results.

Job Type:  Full-Time
Salary: $30k-$40k per year DOE
Job Location: Portland, OR

Along with your resume, please answer the following questions:

  • Out of all the graphic designs jobs out available, what about Brewery Branding interested you?
  • What brands do you most admire and how do they influence your work?
  • Give 3 examples of unique and in-style merchandise in the brewing industry (Not from our website).
  • Enjoy one, pound one, pour one out. List your go-to beer for each.

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