Head Brewer Position, GREAT FALLS BREWING Co. (NW CT)

Great Falls Brewing Co., LLC

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Great Falls Brewing Company brews classic lagers and beer-culture forward ales including sours and hop-forward/hop-bomb IPAs.
Be part of an exciting new team and adventure in northwest Connecticut at the Great Falls Brewing Company (https://www.greatfallsbrews.com/). Great Falls Brewing Company is located in North Canaan, Connecticut (90 miles north of NYC & 150 miles from Boston) in a portion of the state where fishing, car-racing, canoeing, hunting, and hiking meet Old New England town charm. We’re a community-centric, work-life balance based brewery whose focus is on “Great Beer.”
Great Falls has been brewing since August of 2018 with a gorgeous taproom opened in December. The beers have a great following and with a taproom full of events, the right brewer will be the toast of the town. We are seeking a head brewer whose desires match up well with the company’s, and who understands the beer needs of the locals and visitors alike.
Great Falls Brewing Company is looking to hire a Head Brewer to help us with our day-to-day brewing operations. The position will start at the end of May/early June depending on candidates availability.

Head Brewer’s Responsibilities include
• Working with their team to use industry Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for safety, quality, and maintenance of a smooth-running brewery operation. Including helping write safety and employment manuals.
• Setting up brewing schedules weekly, monthly, seasonally, and yearly to assure support of the day-to-day tasting room operations as well as support of special events such as festivals, special music events, and group events.
• Maintenance of brewing equipment, brewing storage spaces, cold storage room, and peripheral support related to brewing operations.
• Maintenance of supplies including ordering.
• Upkeep of yeast health and lab.
• Supervision of cellar staff and cellar work including fermentation, cleaning in place (CIP) procedures, yeast harvest, pH monitoring, racking, upkeep of barrel fleet, general brewing space cleanliness, and packaging of retail beer.
• Routine maintenance on all equipment related to the brewery including soft piping assemblies, keg cleaning equipment, and other related infrastructure.
• Dry hopping & processing adjuncts.
• Interacting (occasionally) with sales team and external sales/distributing personnel
• Maintaining a safe, sanitary, and fun work environment dedicated to the cause of high-quality and fun-to-drink beer.
• Assisting with on-site and off-site events as need dictates including beer tours and private events.

Education/Experience Requirements
• Minimum 2 years professional brewing experience with a 2000+bbl/year brewery.
• A degree or certificate in fermentation science or brewing from an accredited brewing school or institute desired but not necessary, recent graduates may also qualify for this position.
• An open mind to learn and innovate.

Additional Knowledge, Abilities, and Skill Sets
• Great communication and people skills including
o Training cellar personnel for tasks necessary to optimal functioning of the brewery including tap-line cleaning, keg transfers, and general brewery upkeep.
o Delegating responsibility to multiple personnel.
o Adapting to unexpected fluctuations in the conditions of the brewery or personnel.
o Communicating with management and ownership on any related issues to brewing and the company.
o Talking with customers (infrequent), who may or may not have knowledge of the brewing process.
• Excellent understanding of the brewing process from cleaning minutiae to scaling up future production on larger systems.
• Meticulous attention to CIP & sanitation, yeast & fermentation management.
• A working understanding of all legal and taxation expectations associated on the brewing side including TTB, Department of Revenue Services (CT), Labor department employer/employee interactions, OSHA regulations, and state and local laws.
• Excellent bookkeeping skills, use of brewing software, and ability to help with company reports.
• Desire to create a positive and affirming work environment.
• Love of country living. Camping, golf, hunting, mountain biking, motor cycle touring, fishing, watching car racing (participating in car racing?), hiking, or farming hobbies are a bonus in this part of the world.

Physical Requirements:
• Must be able to lift or move grain bags up to 55 lbs and be comfortable moving or porting other objects (such as rolling kegs) safely up to 160 lbs.
• In addition, understand the position requires that the head brewer be able
o to stand and walk for long periods of time as wells as use stairs, bending over, crawling under, reaching, rigging, and other physical situations normal to the brewing process within the unique space of the brewery
o pay attention to multiple needs with the brewing process among multiple distractions
o be able to use visual and all other senses to detect and avoid issues or to improve processing within the brewery

If interested, please respond with a RESUME and short note of why you are interested to Chris@GreatFallsBrews.com stating your interest.

- Competitive compensation package including ample PTO, AFLAC, bonus incentives, and in-kind commensurate with experience.
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