Research Scientist

John I. Haas

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The core function for this position is in the area of research and development.  Specifically, the Research Scientist is tasked with the development of innovative new hop and hop-based products.  In addition, the Research Scientist is responsible for improving existing Barth-Haas Group products through cost reductions, yield increases, new applications, and/or improvement of best practices.


Develop new product concepts from ideation to commercialization through laboratory experimentation, pilot scale-up, and commercial trials.  Apply technical skills, knowledge, and experience to creatively plan, research, and carry out this work.  Support high-priority research projects through rigorous and creative experimentation and provide novel solutions in a team environment.  Fill the role of technical owner on specific projects.  Manage the activities of work that is outsourced to external vendors.  Make adjustments to project plans and determine next steps based on experimental results.  Help support and advance the overall efforts of the innovations department. 

 Provide subject matter expertise in hops, hop products, and chemical analysis.  Collaborate internally and externally with brewers, sensory scientists, agronomists, and outside partners to achieve goals.  Prepare internal technical reports detailing results and readily share information to advance cross-functional teams.  Prepare and deliver external technical presentations and publications

Qualification:  Masters in Chemistry or related scientific field; Excellent laboratory skills and willingness to perform bench and process work; Demonstrated understanding of hops and brewing; Instrumental analysis experience including GC-MS, HPLC, and UV-Vis; Skilled in experimental design, statistical analysis and data interpretation. 



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