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Wayfinder Beer is looking for an experienced brewer to join its team.


Wayfinder is a vaguely sinister, lager-centric brewery restaurant located in the Southeast Industrial District of Portland, Oregon and is committed to making compelling and clean lagers and ales.  In our first calendar year of production, we made 1400bbls of beer and are undergoing an expansion to make 4,500bbls. 


Although a brewpub, we’re looking for production-minded, technical brewers.  Ideal candidates will have a college degree in a field of science, a degree from a brewing school such as the Siebel Institute and 2+ years working in a production brewery that focuses on German lager beer or other European-focused beer styles.  However, priority will be given to anyone with attention to detail, disciplined adherence to logical reasoning and mechanical aptitude which we consider paramount to successful brewing.  

Position: Brewer

Reports to: Brewmaster

Job Description:


Maintain and execute all functions according to policy and procedure, safety requirements, and best practice. Tasks include but are not limited to all aspects of raw

materials handling, milling of grain, wort production, fermentation monitoring, yeast

handling and pitching, clarification, transfers, finished beer monitoring, equipment CIP, basic laboratory duties, notetaking on brew and cellar sheets, notetaking in brewery accounting software, packaging and storage of finished product and general sanitation.  Assisting with sales, delivering to accounts, and assisting with events may be asked sometimes in addition to regular brewing duites.


Job Responsibilities, including but not limited to:

  • Execute the necessary production duties including but not limited to wort production, fermentation management, filtration and finishing, bright beer handling, packaging, draft line cleaning and maintenance.
  • Ensure that all beer is produced to standards and specification by following recipes
  • Follow best practice and safety requirements dutifully.
  • Maintain brewing, cellaring, clarification and other related documentation in an organized and complete manner.
  • Attend brewery staff meetings as required.
  • Clean and sanitize all equipment and work areas to maintain consistent beer quality.
  • Possess a well-rounded knowledge of brewing, beer styles and beer knowledge.
  • Willingness to participate in festivals and promotional events as needed while representing the company and the brand in a professional manner.
  • Manage beer and equipment for local accounts as needed.
  • Perform all job functions within the structure described in the Employee handbook of policies and procedures at Wayfinder Beer.  
  • Preform basic sensory analysis of beers and raw ingredients throughout fermentation and packaging.


    Job Requirements:

  • Formal brewing education or equivalent work training.
  • Ability to work and communicate well with all staff.
  • Organized and detail oriented; accurate record keeping skills.
  • Basic troubleshooting skills in a brewing/manufacturing setting.


    Physical Requirements:

  • Lift 55 lbs. from ground to shoulder high.
  • Lift 75 lbs. from ground to waist high and moving 150 lbs. along the floor.
  • Climb stairs, ramps, and ladders.  Crouch under tanks as needed.
  • Work in small and cramped spaces.
  • Work safely with chemicals with reasonable safety accommodations.
  • Work in loud environment with basic safety accommodations.
  • Read, write and calculate basic algebra.
•   Follow safety guidelines and adhere to PPE standards.
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