General Manager

Cape Beverage

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  • Manage day to day operations of a New Jersey statewide wholesaler

  • Oversee sales, marketing, supplier relations and operations as a department and entrepreneurial leader

    • Establish Volume / KPI targets for each assigned direct report and appropriately manage the execution of these monthly KPIs. This includes, but is not limited to, feedback/coaching, corrective counseling, and performance reviews.

    • Lead by example to provide comprehensive knowledge of standard service protocol

    • Consistently deliver a people-oriented style and demeanor

    • Manage staffing needs and ensure the highest HR standards are met

    • Build company image by collaborating with customers, government, community organizations, and employees

    • Respond in a timely and professional manner to all inquiries and communications between the customers, employees, and executives

  • Manage sales department and sales activities

  • Oversee marketing plan for CMBC at retailers and for other suppliers
  • Supplier Relations

    • Identify potential supplier brands

    • Manage ABPs

    • Create supplier POs and manage inventory

  • Operations

    • Distribution

      • Oversee Distribution Manager, drivers and draft technicians

      • Ensure excellent customer service

      • Oversee driver training

    • Display focused and consistently enthusiastic guidance to the team to ensure performance objectives, customer quality, and delivery expectations

    • Provide estimates for projects, completion, materials, supplies, and equipment needs to Executive team

  • Accounting

      • Manage accounting team for A/R and A/P

      • Maintain accounting and vendor booking

      • Submit administrative documentation such as sales reports and interdepartmental communications

      • Develop strategies and budgets to run operations at peak performance and minimum cost

      • Analyze, interpret, and act on daily, monthly, and annual financial reporting

      • Develop departmental budgets.  Hold manager accountable to budgets

    • Compliance

      • Ensure that all sales, inventory and product quality control systems and reporting comply with local and state laws and regulations

    • Facilities

      • Manage ongoing projects, expansions, and maintenance of the facility

      • Identify, negotiate and open permanent South Jersey facility for Cape Bev.

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