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If you love retail stores and shopping…

If you go into stores and think about why they are merchandised the way they are merchandised…

If you enjoy motivating and inspiring your friends, family and colleagues to do things they would not normally do….

AND finally, if you believe that NUMBERS don’t lie and you can translate those numbers into actionable strategic marketing initiatives that deliver REAL business results then… 

Mother’s Market and Kitchen wants to talk to you because we have the perfect job. 

Mother’s Market and Kitchen, Director of Marketing.  This person must be a serious self-starter and a historical GAME CHANGER.   This person must have strong analytical acumen and must be able to create compelling programs by interpreting the numbers.  This person must be a disciplined user of both sides of the brain – the right side for conceptualizing and creativity and the left side for critically understanding what needs to be done and the timing for it based on historic financial performance.   

Mother’s Market does NOT and will NOT use traditional grocery marketing tactics.  This person should bring new strategies to the table, while respecting what has been successful in the past.  The use of web marketing, social media, community outreach and community events are constantly evolving and getting better…so this person must be a student of technology, community sourcing and creativity.   

The ideal candidate will have a background in social and web based lead generation for business. 

The director will lead a small, but growing department focused on brand development, lead generation, web/social media engagement and development, grassroots and community growth and graphic design/print production. 


Ideal Candidate must be capable of exceeding expectations for the following job duties:   

  • Create, manage,  coordinate, execute  and analyze all marketing strategies from creative design to tactical implementation 
  • Develop unique and valuable propositions which are targeted at customer acquisition and brand proliferation  
  • Organize and grow grassroots outreach and lead generation programs, OUTSIDE of the store 
  • Conceptualize and actualize in store marketing campaigns and programming 
  • Strategize, analyze and develop programming based on ROI  
  • Conceptualize and actualize web marketing campaigns - Web campaign development to include TEXT, WEB, Applications and Lead Generation



  • 4 years with 2 years in progressive marketing roles
  • Grocery store marketing experience = Preferred, but not required
  • College degree  
  • The proven ability to articulate a vision and strategy in a way that motivates and inspires 
  • A track record of meeting lead generation targets, budgets and objectives 
  • A track record and  experience in creative campaign development and successful execution in GROCERY retail environments  
  • Experience with WEB campaign development and logistics – must have exceptional  technology understanding across multiple mediums and ability to integrate  
  • Proven communication and negotiation skills  
  • Strong understanding and passion to work in Web space- Understanding of social media tools including Application Development, Site Core, Word Press, Facebook, Vimeo, social bookmarking and tagging 
  • Experience with managing budgets, financials and quarterly reporting 
  • Exceptional  story telling ability 
  • Exceptional leader with experience managing people 
  • Political campaign work experience a plus  


Application requirements: resume, portfolio and personal statement  

As part of the interview process, candidate must be ready and willing to produce written/oral piece to specified parameters provided by Mother’s Market & Kitchen  

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