Area Sales Manager – Florida

Caskai North America Inc

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Caskai North America Inc is a fast-growing beverage company that started in Austria. We have now started sales and distribution in the U.S. and are headquartered in Tennessee. 

Our Story: Joel and Ushi, two former Red Bull executives founded Caskai after sourcing coffee for their coffee company Panama Varietals.  Caskai is made from cascara, the husk of the coffee cherry. Coffee is actually a fruit and Caskai is made from brewing the cascara. They found and opportunity to provide coffee sustainability and upcycling to form a brand-new beverage called Caskai. More and more consumers are concerned about living healthy and the impact of products as it relates to the planet.

Cascara was formerly considered a bi-product of the coffee drying process. While some of it was used for compost on farms, most was discarded and considered an agricultural waste and environmental pollutant. The irony is cascara is high in polyphenols with a variety of health benefits and contains many minerals, vitamins and essential amino acids. Caskai is now upcycling cascara. Upcycling brings additional income to farm communities and eliminates what was one considered waste.

We had three goals in mind for Caskai. First, great taste. Cascara has a unique taste and we wanted to capture the natural sweetness and fruitiness from cascara that we love.  We only use naturally processed cascara where the whole coffee fruit is sun dried first then the whole skin is removed from the seed. This is the most sustainable form of coffee drying delivering the most flavorful cascara. Second, all our products are 100% natural and made from five simple ingredients: Austrian Alps spring water, premium sun-dried cascara, organic cane sugar, tartaric acid from wine grapes and carbonation…THAT’S IT! Third, no plastic. After living in Panama for so many years it was disheartening to go to a pristine surfing beach and see so many plastic bottles washed up on the beaches.

We are looking for an exceptional person who is orientated to beverage products, the coffee category would be preferred, and has the passion to grow with our brand in the Florida market.  The primary focus is to expand sales and distributor of Caskai products in the state of Florida.  Some of the components of this multi-faceted job include; increasing distributions, building displays, demos, training distributor teams, implementing promotions, POS (point of sale) management, and leading the thought supporting the Caskai brand and our values within the distributor and in the marketplace.  Accomplishing such feats requires an outstanding person who has demonstrated incomparable work in previous jobs within the beverage industry.

We are a fast-paced growing company, so we are looking for candidates who can grow with us by demonstrating a high capacity to learn and take on new challenges.


Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

    • Candidates must demonstrate examples of being a self-starter and possess strong organizational skills as they will be required to work from a home office.
    • This job requires an excellent work ethic, extensive passion for health, wellness, and sustainability, knowledge of distributor and retail sales.
    • Must be able to lift 35lbs cases and build displays in the field.
    • This position requires some weekend time conducting retailer demos and support at field marketing events.
    • Car travel is required, with potential overnight stays.

Required Education & Experience

  • The focus of the job is to work with existing distributors, open up new distributors and key retailers to build the Caskai business in the Florida Market.  Consequently, experience working with distributors and suppliers is critical to success in this position.
  • This position requires computer knowledge and proficient use of Microsoft Office Suite and Google Office Suite (including the ability to enter, retrieve, and interpret data in spreadsheets), the ability to understand the market planning process, a basic understanding and use of selling skills, public speaking skills, and the ability to express oneself in an articulate succinct and professional manner.
  • A minimum of 3 years total beverage industry related experience is required.
  • A minimum of a 4-Year college degree

Additional REQUIREMENTS to consider

  • Qualified candidates must live in the Florida market, preferably in Tampa or Orlando area.
  • The successful Candidate must have a valid driver’s license free of any major violations in the last five years.
  • Selected candidate must pass a post-offer, pre-employment driver license check.
  • The selected candidate will be required to pass a post-offer, pre-employment background check.


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