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Warehouse Assistant

Purpose: This job is to own everything in the Warehouse. A Warehouse Assistant handles everything going in, everything going out, and knows everything that is currently in the warehouse.  Moving pallets of beer and brewing/packaging materials requires forklift operation (both sitting and standing). 


  • Supplying all departments with materials and ingredients as needed
  • Loading/unloading trucks
  • Moving finished beer from the packaging area to cold storage
  • Building special order pallets. This requires responsible lifting of cases (32 lbs.) and rolling or team lifting kegs weighing up to 165 lbs. onto pallets
  • Stocking the bar. This requires team lifting to stack 165 lb kegs 2 high.
  • Maintaining inventory of goods in the warehouse
  • Rearranging the warehouse as needed to make different items accessible -- this often requires the same items be moved back and forth multiple times per day


  • Ability to lift up to 85 lbs. and ability to roll or team lift 165 lb. kegs
  • Prior forklift experience is preferred
  • Ability to see clearly up close and at a distance
  • High School diploma or GED equivalent
  • Flexible schedule with some night/weekend availability including on-site festivals. Start times may vary by shift.


  • Frequent communication with other departments to understand their needs in real time
  • Attention to detail is critical as often the Warehouse Assistant is the last brewery employee to see our beer before it goes out into the world
  • Aptitude with inventory computer software and data entry
  • Must adhere to all safety standards
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