Craft Beer Canning Technician

Black Diamond Canning

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The craft beer industry is exploding and you can find interesting and challenging positions in this new field. Our startup performs a unique function--traveling from brewery to brewery canning beer. We are now two years old and growing rapidly, so we are looking for a mechanically inclined mobile canning technician to join our team. 

The selected individual will become part of the rapidly expanding craft beer business and work side-by-side with the employees of leading craft brewers throughout New England. There is no better way to break into the craft beer business.The selected individual will have hands-on training and exceptional growth potential.

A driver’s license and a good driving record are required because our team meets at each brewery to can their beer. There are also occasional overnights.

We are looking for dependability. Our brewers depend on us to deliver their products on time regardless of external events such as bad weather or personal problems. Since our efforts can affect the quality of the product, it is our responsibility to deliver the highest possible quality 100% of the time.

The candidate must have a demonstrated mechanical ability and be a quick learner and troubleshooter. Prior experience in mobile canning is desired but the team member must also be willing to learn on their own through self study and hands on experience. 

A background in any mechanically oriented field would be an asset. To learn more about the equipment we use please visit:

The canning equipment we use is the Wild Goose Model WGC-250M. Add-ons include Rinse Tunnel/Air Knife, Inlet Temperature/Pressure Module and Mobile Depalletizer.

The successful candidate must have a good personality that blends in with other team members. There will be times when you travel together and stay overnight.

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