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Otherworld Brewery is in process of opening in beautiful Missoula, Montana and is searching for our Head Brewer and Blender! We aim to be Montana’s first true Farmhouse and Barrel-Aging focused brewery. Our beers will have a broad creative range; historic styles, traditional/experimental sours, spirit barrel-aged beers, and killer IPAs. 

We are looking for a Head Brewer, but also a great partner to grow the brewery with!  Our hope is to create a barrel-covered playground to inspire creative and excellent beers. Missoula offers endless beauty with phenomenal outdoor activities and a thriving arts culture.

Our 6-acre property is surrounded by mountains on all sides and sits near the Clark Fork River. We aim to grow various fruits and berries to be used in our beers while sporting a beautiful orchard to hold events in. Our beers will be connected with modern legends and ancient myths from around the world as we open doors to cultures that one might never get to experience!


-      Recipe development and execution on our commercial brewing system through fermentation, barrel-aging and packaging.

-      Ardent Record keeping: Brewing and fermentation tracking, QC, lab processes, packaging, inventory, sanitary practices.

-      Ability to attend festivals and conferences.

-      Thorough Barrel Management and development tracking.

-      Managing and operation of canning line and two-head bottle filler (for sours).

-      Some sourcing of ingredients including adjuncts.


-      5 Years Minimum Experience operating Commercial Brewing system of 7BBL or Higher.

-      3 Years Minimum Experience with Mixed Cultures, Barrel-Aging Sours/Lambics, Wild Fermentations, and Spirit Barrel-Aging Beer.

-      Experience in Packaging, preferably in canning and large format bottles.

-      Experienced with running a lab: QC, yeast/culture propagation - bonus for experience in harvesting/identifying wild yeasts.

-      A good leader is highly valued and training of Assistant Brewers/Cellarmen will be required in time.

-      Solid experience with Koelschips and traditional lambic brewing is a huge plus.

-      Strong working knowledge of a wide variety of adjuncts and best uses.

-      Education in chemistry and/or microbiology is heavily weighed, though not fully required.

-      A love of history and mythology is a big bonus!


-      Competitive Salary with planned increases. We are willing to pay for serious Barrel-aging and Lambic experience.

-      Profit Sharing.

-      Health and Dental Benefits.

-      Ability to plan own schedule with paid holiday/vacation time.

-      Gorgeous location in the outdoor playground of Western Montana.

-      Input encouraged on fruits and berries to be grown on the property.

Please email Resume and Cover Letter to Otherworldbrew@gmail.com.

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