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About the position:

East Bali Cashews is looking for a CFG (Chief Financial Guru). What is a CFG? A CFG is a CFO who is at heart a teacher (Guru in Indonesian!).

What do we mean by that? The finances of our company are not that complex. Your responsibilities will entail those of a regular CFO. But the bulk of your work will be about people. Our 650 employees (including the CEO and COO) are not financial people. You will have the responsibility to educate dozens of teams about what money is and how it works (COGS, P&L, financial strategy, financial performance analysis, monitoring, etc.)… and to ensure this knowledge results in financial awareness & continuous improvement.

Besides a strong financial background, experience in the FMCG industry will be very helpful although it is not a requirement. You will be required to work in Indonesian language (at least partially). If you do not speak Indonesian, we will cover your language education.

We can promise you a fair salary, but you could make more money elsewhere. You will rewarded with an adventurous journey and will go home every day knowing that you are contributing to improving the lives of the hundreds of thousands of cashew farmers in Eastern Indonesia (we are only at the beginning, but on the very right track).

We are a social enterprise, but we try to stress the ‘enterprise’ part in social enterprise. In order to create real change, we need to be able to scale and pay for that change. We are in it for the long run.

And this is why we need you! 


About the company:

East Bali Cashews is a young, innovative & F&B company, with a snack food & cashew nut processing factory in a remote yet beautiful part of the island of Bali in Indonesia. Founded in 2012, we are a vertically integrated business that combines sustainable and eco-friendly business practices with our mission of farmer improvement and women's empowerment.

We capitalize on Indonesia’s abundance of wonderful farm-direct agricultural produce combined with the opportunity to process cashews domestically in Bali, rather than shipping the raw product overseas for processing. Our primary expertise lies in producing unique, healthy and sustainably sourced cashew snacks for the domestic and international retail market.

In combination with a strong for-profit business mindset, we place particular emphasis on delivering functional & sustainable solutions to the surrounding communities’ economic, education & health challenges. Since the company’s launch, we have created 650+ jobs for the local agricultural community (85% of whom are women), as well as launched a variety of self-financing auxiliary projects including an on-site pre-school, an internationally-visited service-learning eco-lodge, 13 village drying centers and a cutting edge community-based cashew plantation in Eastern Indonesia.

Our company’s growth has been fast and the products are successfully being distributed in over 20 countries. With consistent 50+% YoY growth, a new second processing facility under construction, and a myriad of exciting projects & opportunities lying ahead, the journey has just begun.

To apply, please send your CV and motivation to:

In your application, please answer the following questions:

What are the most crucial areas of financial management in FMCG according to your experiences?

What is your favorite nut? Why?

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