Taproom and Event Manager

Clandestine Brewing

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We are seeking an enthusiastic craft beer professional for a full-time management role with a growing nanobrewery.

Candidates having extensive knowledge of craft beer, specifically of the local Bay Area scene, previous experience bartending and/or serving at craft beer establishments and previous experience managing people will be given extra consideration. 

Job description:

The Taproom is the primary way that our customers connect with our brand.  Word of mouth is important and we know that happy customers recruit more guests.  Whether they’re nestled up to the bar having a beer or two, participating in a non-profit event or attending a comedy show, the experience that our guests have in the taproom is crucial to the success and growth of our business.

The Taproom and Event Manager manages the daily operations of the Taproom and is responsible and accountable for everything that happens in the taproom. 

On the job duties:

  • Drives traffic into the taproom through event planning and management. 

  • Promotes the Taproom on social media including Facebook and Instagram.

  • Actively promotes ideas for improving the taproom experience including promotions, advertising and events.

  • Actively promotes ideas for improving the taproom experience including promotions, advertising and events. 

  • Ensures that scheduled events are executed to a high degree.  Including coordinating, decorating, interacting with vendors and advertising

  • Manages Taproom staff inside the Taproom.  This includes serving beer, operating a POS, changing kegs, providing staff breaks and other Taproom duties.

  • Responsible for scheduling taproom staff.

  • Knows all company procedures and policies.  This includes opening/closing procedures, Taproom equipment procedures, employee code of conduct policies, etc.  Exemplifies, upholds and enforces all procedures and policies. Trains staff on all procedures and policies and coordinates staff audits and periodic training refreshes.

  • Assists with Taproom recruiting by participating in candidate search and interviewing.

  • Works with brewery owners to set performance goals for staff.  Assists in regularly evaluating employee performance.

  • Works with brewery owners to define sales goals and meets or exceeds these goals. 

  • Meets with brewery ownership weekly to review goals, discuss issues and develop action plans.

  • Organizes and coordinates monthly Taproom inventory.

  • Schedules, monitors and supervises preventive maintenance of Taproom equipment; Maintains up-to-date equipment files and maintenance records.

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