Chief Operating Officer

Blake's Hard Cider Co.

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Leadership Responsibilities:

  • Embodying the Company’s Core Values
  • Developing and leading the teammates in your department and / or business unit
  • Developing the data metrics driving your department / business unit and managing to such data metrics
  • Establish annual and quarterly goals (rocks) for your department and your teammates and managing to such goals (rocks)
  • Documenting all SOP’s in your department and / or business unit and training your teammates and adhering to them personally as an example to the Company and colleagues
  • IDS – Openly and honestly identify, discuss, and solve issues in your department / business unit within your teammates in leadership meetings and department / business unit meetings
  • 5S with specific ownership responsibilities for teammates to ensure sustainability of organization in your department / business unit 


Job Summary:     

This position may require some travel to visit distributors as well as major customers or attend industry trade shows/events.  As the COO, you are accountable for delivering product to satisfy the Company sales orders and to ensure quality goals are met. The COO will play a key role in meeting the Company-wide profitability and customer satisfaction goals:

  • Guarantee satisfaction and value for our customers.
  • Contribute to a work environment that fosters pride in being part of a winning team and promotes personal growth.
  • Maintain personal productivity and quality standards that make possible attractive financial returns so that the Company may continue to provide excellent service to our customers and ensure job security and career growth for our staff.
  • Maintain a positive Company attitude and ensure that all employees under your supervision are aligned with the Company goals.

You and your team are responsible for supporting the Company Mission and Core Values. Because you will be in contact with current and prospective customers, and you are in a position to influence their satisfaction and our Company prosperity, this position requires tact, sensitivity, and professionalism.

Reporting Relationships:

The COO reports directly to the President of the Company. The COO is responsible for the performance of all employees with the following as direct reports:

  • Production Manager, Supply Chain, Purchasing, Analytics
  • Product Development, Quality Control, Compliance
  • Tasting Room Manager
  • Financial reporting function TBD



The COO is given the authority to conduct all the routine business and management affairs of the Company.  This authority is given by the President and the CEO of the Blake’s Family of Businesses as well as Ownership, and includes but is not limited to:

  • Develop the personnel to achieve their highest level of performance possible
  • Hire, fire, promote, demote or discipline personnel.
  • Development of Company Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Develop and present any new or modified Company policies and procedures to the President for approval.
  • Develop and present any new Company product(s) to the President for approval.
  • Propose, review and modify the services sold by the Company. 
  • Establish or approve the goals, objectives and budgets for the Company and each venue with the President, CEO and Ownership.
  • Recommend pay changes for Company personnel.
  • Set limits on the activity of employees to enable the Company to achieve the established objectives with minimal direct supervision of day-to-day activities.
  • Take reasonable actions necessary to carry out the responsibilities of management, so long as such action is consistent with Company policies and sound business judgment.


Responsibilities and Duties:

The primary responsibility of the COO is oversight of the entire operation. These are specific areas that must be addressed in meeting that responsibility:

General and Administrative

  • Maintain a professional appearance and demeanor that reflects the Company’s commitment to quality, continuous improvement and respect for individuals.
  • Keep abreast of industry trends and new technologies.
  • Ensure that housekeeping (5S plus safety) is maintained and the overall appearance of the Company is pleasing to the customers and provides a healthy and safe work environment for personnel.
  • Establish new processes and procedures in the ongoing improvement and development of the Company.
  • Protect the Company’s intellectual property rights by ensuring that all confidential information is protected, and all brands, logos and slogans are trademarked.
  • Ensure that all key employees have signed Company Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA).

Operational Procedures

  • Establish and maintain the Company policies and/or procedure manuals.
  • Establish the Company quality policy and ensure compliance.
  • Assign duties to the staff as necessary to accomplish special projects or multi-department activities.

Customer Sales and Service

  • Maintain the Company focus on providing outstanding customer service.
  • Establish production schedules to ensure sales orders are met provide guidance to the sales department on meeting goals.
  • Establish priorities for handling of urgent tasks and work overloads that ensure customer/distributor expectations are met.
  • Ensure that customer/distributor complaints are handled expeditiously and tactfully.

Staff Management

  • Establish procedures for recruiting, hiring and training employees.
  • Conduct weekly management meetings.
  • Conduct monthly all-staff meetings.
  • Perform employee reviews and ensure compliance.
  • Oversee employee discipline and ensure all actions are fair and non-discriminatory.

Financial Control

  • Understand the Company financial reports and review the monthly Profit and Loss statement and Budget Variance Report.
  • Ensure inventories are conducted and accurate records are maintained.
  • Advise the President and CEO on issues needed to improve profitability.
  • Evaluate equipment purchases/leases and conduct cost/benefit analyses.



  • Preferred:  College degree in business with a major in engineering and/or management
  • Must have 10 years’ experience in similar senior management role
  • Demonstrated P & L responsibility
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively build and lead a team in a manufacturing environment.
  • Excellent knowledge of the industry and trends impacting the business.
  • Ability to effectively communicate, in English, both verbally and in writing.
  • Ability to do routine business math calculations including computation of production costs and bills of materials.
  • Able to use Microsoft Office Applications

Working Conditions:

  • Appearance at all times must represent the Company image.
  • The work for this position will be divided between a climate controlled, smoke free office environment and outside in various venue locations in all types of weather.  The normal auto and air travel hazards will apply.  Travel will be in all types of weather including heavy rain and below freezing temperatures with possible snow conditions.
  • Position may require up some travel.
  • Occasional lifting of objects up to 75 lbs.
  • Work area may have fluorescent lighting and air conditioning.
  • Noise level is usually moderate to loud.
  • Fast-paced environment: subject to numerous schedule and priority changes and short notice activity.
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