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vice president of marketing

the vp of marketing will lead our marketing strategy and manage execution. brand and product strategies are at the top of our priority list. this person will create our annual marketing plan, manage the marketing budget, and be accountable for depletions and revenue growth. this position will begin with 4 direct reports.

please send a resume and the shortest cover letter you’ve ever written that identifies your biggest weakness as a marketer and your biggest weakness as a manager (1 each), and how that impacts your work.*

expect the following for interview process, should you decide to apply.

1. 30 minute ‘general’ phone interview
2. 30 minute ‘technical’ phone interview
3. 3-4 hour in-person interview
4. 2-3 60 minute interviews with team members
5. reference requests
6. offer

thank you for taking the time, we will respond regardless of our decision.

*here’s an example of what we’re looking for on the cover letter (written by ross):

marketer - i have a narrow skill set due to lack of broad marketing experience (i’ve only worked at one place with a small marketing team) which limits my ability to execute ideas outside of the mediums i know: product, point of sale, and instagram. and even those are narrow (e.g. i have no experience with paid).

manager - my personality is more interested in ideas than people.
managers are effective when they work with people to execute good ideas. my impatience to get into the ideas without propagating the people is not going to scale as fast (don’t offer fish...offer to teach to fish).

this role will begin on january 6, 2020

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