VP of Sales and Marketing

Alkazone Global Inc.

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Alkazone Global Inc. is a growing manufacturer of pH booster mineral supplements, home water ionizers and bottled alkaline and antioxidant water.  Celebrating 25 years of business, our mission is to improve health through pH balance.  

We are developing today's team of like-minded people who understand the importance of health and acid-alkaline.  Founded by Robert Kim, a pioneer in this field, he believes the acid-alkaline balance matters because it directly impacts your health.

Seeking a VP of Sales and Marketing to join our offices in Hackensack, NJ.  This individual will be a key part of our sales organization, responsible for leading and profitability managing all aspects of their assigned geographic area and beyond.  The VP will ensure the team has necessary support and tools to effectively service customers.  We are looking for a dynamic leader who will develop and execute sales plans and goals.  One who understands the capabilities of a small company.  One who sees the growth potential of market that has been penetrated.  One who is creative, out of the box thinker and is interested in stock options and potentially partnering with a master in alkaline water and unique mineral blends.  This individual needs to bring a rhythm to our beat. 


Specific Requirements:

Owns, leads and drives sales across the Beverage and Supplement Categories

Responsible for a small but quickly growing portfolio of existing business

Capable of prospecting, securing and growing our client base in Beverages and Supplements

Create and analyze sales reports and presentations as needed for brand analysis

Analyze business performance data and competition landscape to keep team informed of trends and opportunities that impact the ability to meet annual goals

Leads the process for development and execution of new items within the categories

Responsible for the creation and achievement of business objectives and marketing plans

Use key insights to drive brand activity, new products, strategies, and thought leadership in partnership with our promotion and analytics





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