Central Jersey Shore brewery

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Excellent opportunity for passionate brewmaster to be part of exciting new brewery in the middle of the New Jersey Shore. Will be involved in every aspect of brewing from recipe creation to QC. Duties include supervising daily production functions in the brewhouse, cellar, and packaging - required to meet production needs. The Brewmaster position is focused on brewhouse operations, cellar functions, and development of staff. The scope of job includes but is not limited to wort production, yeast propagation, cellar work, filtration and cleaning. Will report directly to owner of company. Two brewhouses - one 25bbl and one 5bbl. Salary commensurate with experience. Send resume to: 

Qualified Individuals...

- Have knowledge of and experience with commercial brewing processes and the production of beer, including developing and sticking to production schedule 
- Have a mind for creativity and and bring positive energy to the brewery to help develop beer concepts, work on recipe formulation, refine our processes, increase efficiencies, and grow production
- Have knowledge of brewing equipment and regular maintenance.
- Be comfortable with operating under and developing SOP's.
- Have experience developing junior brew staff
- Be thorough, diligent, and clean with excessive attention to detail.
- Be able to lift up to 55 pounds regularly
- Be at least 21 years of age, honest, work well with others, and help to foster a positive environment with a team mentality.

Responsibilities Include:
- Lead the brew team and assist with various activities to facilitate beer production, brewery cleanliness and organization.
- Performing regular maintenance on equipment in the taproom and brewery.
- Conduct QC and QA activities to ensure product quality and consistency.
- Maintain inventory levels and place production orders on time 
- Source ingredients for a variety of seasonal and special release brews.
- Working with chemicals, pumps, contents under pressure, and other various hazards in a safe and professional manner while following standard operating procedures and product specifications.
- Continually learning about craft beer, the industry, and brewing practices.
- Continually developing your palate and beers to grow our brand 
- Other duties as assigned.


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