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The Pump House, Bangalore is looking for a Head Brewer to take over brewing responsibilities at our 10 BBL brewpub in South Bangalore.  The brewpub has already produced over 1,000 BBL in its first year of operations, with 5 flagship beers and 1 specialty tap.  It is a 10 BBL DME 2 vessel brewhouse, with 8 single batch uni-tank fermenters and 6 single batch serving tanks in a cold room. 

We are seeking a Lead or Head Brewer with more than 3 years of brewing experience and a comprehensive knowledge of the brewing process and peripheral equipment (Glycol, Electric Boilers, etc.).

-Ability to lift 25 kg repetitively to shoulder level while in movement

-Ability to work in cold and hot environments for 8-12 hour periods while standing

-Ability to schedule and lead brewers/assistants

-Production planning and scheduling experience

-QA/QC experience, with the ability to teach and maintain high brewery standards

-Enjoyment of craft beer and willingness to engage with customers and the community

-Proficiency with Microsoft Office

-Experience with recipe formulation and scaling proficiency

-Inventory control experience

This position reports directly to the owners, through the Operations Manager.  We offer excellent remuneration with housing and medical insurance.  Send a resume and cover letter to vishalatreya@gmail.com

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