Sanitation Area Manager

Wyandot, Inc.

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Primarily works as a coordinator and inspector ensuring the orderly cleaning of the plant and its equipment to food plant standards.  Coordinates the activity of sanitation teammates to reduce duplication of efforts and to facilitate efficient activity.  Audits the safety and cleanliness of the plant and the sanitation activity, taking immediate and specific action to correct deficiencies.  Able to coach, evaluate, train, and discipline teammates as necessary to ensure they reach their full potential.  Handles confidential information (personnel records) with discretion.  Able to perform with minimal supervision.  Able to provide positive leadership to teammates in order to meet or exceed quality sanitation standards in a consistent, safe manner.


Coordinates the teamwork effort in sanitation to satisfy the production schedule.

  • Interfaces with production and scheduling for line/product changes.
  • Interfaces with warehouse for plant sanitation efforts.
  • Interfaces with quality assurance to ensure sanitation standards are met.
  • Interfaces with maintenance to reduce rework, resolve conflicts for equipment, and to ensure equipment is functionally safe and clean.
  • Have the plant clean and all tasks completed to meet budget goals.
  • Problem solver.  Works with teammates to resolve problems with sanitation as they occur.
  • Coaching/Training.  Works with teammates to ensure they fully understand the importance of their role in plant sanitation and that they develop the ability to problem-solve and self-inspect their work.
  • Counsels, evaluates and disciplines teammates as needed.
  • Although functionally assigned sanitation as an area of responsibility, accepts responsibility for the entire plant facility, inside and out, in the areas of security, safety, and food production level sanitation.
  • Attend meetings and professional seminars as needed.
  • Complete all paperwork for cleaning to meet regulatory requirements
  • Demands improvement through change.  Does not accept even high levels of status quo.
  • Communicate via telephone and email with internal and external customers.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


Successful candidate must be able to communicate English clearly in both verbal and written form.  Attention to details is essential.  Must be able to work in a team atmosphere and provide the essential leadership for the team to excel.  Bachelor's degree preferred; knowledge of and experience in food production considered, especially industrial-scale food production experience and/or sanitation experience in a food plant environment.  Ability to handle occasional contact with customers, upper management and general public with diplomacy.  Must be able to maintain sanitation levels while under stressful conditions and limitations in time, equipment supplies, and labor.  Must accept the concept of constant improvement and change for improvement.  Must be able to work any shift, including weekends and have strong basic math skills.  Must be able to access, input, and retrieve information from a computer.

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