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TRVE Brewing is looking for a Head of Packaging

We are seeking someone to be our new head of packaging. This is a management level position at a small brewery, which means we will be leaning on you for a great deal of independence, organization, and experience. It also means that you will be handling all kinds of bullshit, all the time. If you’ve been in this industry a while, you know it ain’t glamorous, but you also know it’s a shitton of fun.  We do our best to emphasize the latter.


- Ordering, maintaining inventory, and working with vendors to negotiate pricing of Packaging Materials
- Working with the head brewer to plan purchases of packaging materials based on production schedule
- Ensuring packaging materials balance cost, quality, and other necessary parameters for the needs of the business
- Ensuring we are packaging beer expediently and in accordance with the production schedule and movement of beer in tanks
- Getting beer up to carb — force carb or sugar dosing for referments
- Working with the head brewer on sensory for all beers before packaging. Ensuring they’re up to quality standards, and continuing to monitor them after packaging as needed for conditioning beer
- Making sure beer is labeled (cans, kegs, and bottles)
- Ensuring kegs are cleaned and ready for each packaging run
- CIP of tanks and transfers of beers between tanks (I.e. you will be handling cellar work, often)
- Working with the head brewer to schedule personnel for packaging runs
- Working with events and sales managers to ensure package splits are appropriate for the needs of the business
- Performing regular cleaning and maintenance of all equipment related to packaging
- Maintaining a log of when equipment has been serviced, as well as a calendar for future routine maintenance
- Maintaining an incredibly high standard of cleanliness

Necessary Skills and Abilities

- Experience on a Wild Goose canning line is an absolute must. If you’ve never worked on one please explain in your cover letter what experience you bring to the table that will allow you to learn about its operation quickly
- Experience with an Anton Paar Cbox and PFD for DO and CO2 Measurements
- Experience with ATP measurements for CIP verification
- Understanding of good CIP practices
- High level of Ekos experience or similar ERP software platform is a must
- Experience developing and documenting SOPs

Your characteristics

There are certain things we expect of you in this position:

- Minimum two years packaging experience. This is not an entry-level or  training position
- You are cleanly and organized – in life and in your paperwork
- You must be able to multitask. Racking and cleaning one tank while packaging another is a common occurrence. You must be able to handle both simultaneously
- You must be able to communicate with your coworkers. You’ll be interfacing with multiple different segments of our business and as such will need to talk to all of them 
- Being a metalhead is not required, but is a plus

What’s Included

- Health, dental and vision coverage
- Unlimited paid time off subject to manager approval
- Occasional travel
- Good tunes
- Good times
- Some money
- Beer

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