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About the position:

Culture Brewing Co is currently looking for an experienced brewer or assistant brewer to join our team. This position will report directly to the Head Brewer, and will be actively involved in all aspects of the brewery’s operations, from wort production and cellaring, to packaging and distribution. They will also serve as an ambassador of Culture to the craft beer community. 

Key Responsibilities & Duties:

The brewer will work as part of a small team, and must be confident in performing their duties together with team members, as well as individually. All duties will be performed with careful regard to safety and sanitation. The duties include but are not limited to:

  • Wort Production - All steps of a brew day, from preparing grain, to knocking out into the fermenter, and everything in between.

  • Cellaring - Duties such as beer transfers and kegging, while avoiding any oxygen pickup. 

  • Fermentation - Adjusting temperatures on schedule, cropping and dumping yeast, dry-hopping, and carbonating.

  • Quality Control - Measuring CO2 volumes with a Zahm, sensory evaluation, forced diacetyl tests, gravity measurements, gluten testing. 

  • Cleaning - Performing CIP on all brewery tanks in accordance with our brewery’s SOPs. Cleaning kegs on our manual 2-head keg washer. Keeping the brewery area clean, tidy, and organized. Ensuring all brewing equipment is clean when put away, and sanitized before coming in contact with product. 

  • Maintenance - Identifying issues with brewery equipment and repairing within one’s abilities, or notifying the head brewer. 

  • Distribution - Assisting our delivery driver with loading and delivering of kegs, cans, and supplies to our tasting rooms. 

  • Inventory Management - Keeping track of beer and ingredient inventory. Ensuring our cold box, and dry storage stay organized.

  • Events - Occasionally setting up and breaking down jockey boxes for off-site beer serving events, serving tasting samples, and being present to discuss our beers.

Required Experience:

To excel as a member of our brew team, the right candidate will meet the following minimum qualifications:

  • Two years experience brewing in a production environment on a 7Bbl system or larger. 

  • Working knowledge of standard CIP procedures.

  • Familiarity with brewing ingredients, including proper handling and storage.

  • Experience in safely measuring and handling brewery chemicals.

  • Detailed record keeping on daily brewery operations.

  • Familiarity with beer off flavors, their causes, and possible remedies.

  • Effective communication and problem solving skills.

  • Strong work ethic, team mentality, and a can do attitude. 

  • Willingness to assist at offsite beer events.

  • Ability to travel within the greater San Diego Area.

  • A passion for the craft beer industry and familiarity with San Diego beer culture. 

The ideal candidate would also have some of the following qualifications or experience:

  • A certificate from a formal brewing science school or program.

  • Cicerone or BJCP certification.

  • A college degree with a background in science preferred.

  • Working on a bottling or canning line.

  • Settling up and trouble shooting off-site beer serving equipment.

  • Forklift operation.

  • Working with a brewery maintenance program.

  • Appearing at public events such as beer pairing dinners.

  • Maintaining a barrel aging program.

  • Setting up and using excel documents.

  • Any Mechanical experience such as plumbing, electrical, heating/cooling, etc.

With the physical nature of brewing, a candidate must meet these physical requirements:

  • Stand for extended periods of time, up to 8 hours a day.

  • Frequently lift up to 55 pounds to approximately shoulder height.

  • Frequently move up to 165 pounds and occasionally lifting to approximately waist height.

  • Frequent bending, stooping, pushing, lifting, climbing, kneeling, and reaching.

  • Consistent use of hand and wrist motions.

  • Ability to work with both hot and cold materials, and work in both hot and cold environments.

  • Ability to safely handle hazardous materials with the appropriate safety gear.

  • Frequent use of stairs and occasional use of ladders.

Compensation and Benefits

  • Culture Brewing Co offers competitive wages that will be determined based on experience. 

Employment with Culture Brewing Co is “At-Will.” This means employees or Culture Brewing Co may terminate the employment relationship at any time, for any reason, with or without cause or advance notice. As an at-will employee, it is not guaranteed, in any manner, that you will be employed with Culture Brewing Co for any set period of Time.

All applicants should attach a resume and cover letter. In your cover letter, please describe an example of experience you have outside of the beverage industry that has helped you become a better brewer.  


Apply for this Job