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KYLA Hard Kombucha – the one and only, fermented and fizzy, light and refreshing, alcoholic kombucha beverage brewed in Hood River, Oregon – is looking for a best-of-the-best Key Accounts Manager (KAM) based in California. As a KYLA KAM, you will develop sales strategies for KYLA Hard Kombucha.  You will help develop, then execute, the sales and marketing plan for your assigned accounts. You will work in concert with our Regional and Area Sales Managers to monitor retail sales activity while also increasing points of distribution at targeted retail accounts. Your primary goal will be to generate additional sales of our products in off-premise chain accounts and some select on-premise chains.


To be successful as a KYLA KAM, you should have a keen ability to prioritize, communicate effectively, follow through on details, and maintain detailed documentation of all essential activities. The KAM is responsible for meeting the following job requirements:


Management of Key Accounts


  • Set account level objectives for points of distribution by sku, ad execution and programming opportunities
  • Prepare custom presentations for each account that demonstrates a level of customer, product and industry knowledge that distinguishes you as a standout among your industry peers
  • Be relentless, yet professional in developing your relationships with your key associates at a level that enables you to achieve and exceed all sales and distribution goal by chain.    
  • Visit and track retail accounts and key contacts and document in provided CRM tool on a consistent basis


    Wholesaler Interaction
    • Foster sound working relationships with KYLA wholesalers’ key account personnel – effectively use incentive programs, co-op promotional dollars, etc. in concert with our Area Sales Managers.
      • Develop and maintain a positive working relationship with wholesaler’s Key Account sales staff, to ensure we are top of mind for new opportunities presented to them.
      • Join Area and Regional managers to conduct regularly scheduled business reviews with wholesalers to assign goals and measure sales results against the annual sales plan.
      • Make appropriate and timely presentations to the wholesaler’s sales staff regarding new products, POS, price promotions and other significant brewery developments.
      • Confirm retail price on KYLA Hard Kombucha for all programs.
      • Monitor retail execution and acquire all ad / display recaps addressing opportunities with the responsible distributor.


      • Research and help prepare an annual sales plan for each key account, in close coordination with the Sales Leadership.
  • Continually monitor sales and develop methods for uncovering new opportunities and/or averting diminishing sales trends.


Brewery Communications
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