Lead Brewer

Newport Brewing Company

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Lead Brewer for Newport Brewing Company.  Brand New 15 BBL Portland Kettle Works custom system with 5 - 30 BBL fermenters,  2 - 15 BBL and 2- 30 BBL lagering tanks. 

Needs 3 years professional brewing experience. Will be brewing side by side with Owner.  Needs to be up to date on all brewing styles, especially Hazy IPAs, West Coast IPAs and lagers.  1 year contract minimum.  Resides in PNW already is preferred and is familiar with the market and area. 

Duties include:

Filling and cleaning kegs, cleaning system and tanks, coming in with formulas and making new formulas.  Helping with canning and packaging.  Being very organized and has experience dealing with brewer logs, TTB, State Agencies, CIP, etc.  


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