Brewery Representative

Rusty Bull Brewing Company

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The primary function of the brewery representative is to increase brand awareness and culture, drive distribution sales and create community around our beer.

  • Educate distribution reps in the culture of the brewery as well as what makes the beer great. (i.e. where it fits into a draft list, pairings, cost analysis, etc.) 
  • Work with buyers for the distributor in helping them manage their orders.
  • Help with placement in chain accounts and off premise accounts.  This role entails making sure beer has good placement/visibility as well as maintaining freshness.

    • Culture.  Spreading the word and culture of the brewery along with tasting the product with people that are able to purchase and serve the great beer. This process requires a good deal of planning and research in order to be the most successful.  When able, set up ride-a-longs with distribution reps. Using data provided by distribution, target key accounts based on sales data. This means visiting them and typically spending a good amount of time sampling beer, educating and building rapport with the buyer.


    • Relevance. Do everything you can to keep the brand relevant and in the front of the customers minds. This requires consistent contact with accounts and scheduling innovative and fun events for their customers. 


    • Community.  Attend festivals and events where I represent our brand. This ranges from huge events like Untappd or GABF, down to small bottle shop and community beer events.  At events, speak to our customers and their customers about the beer we provide and educate them in the culture of our brewery.


    Other Responsibilities: 

    1) Checking date codes of product.

    2) Assisting in providing tap handles and POS for key accounts.

    3) Fielding questions and concerns from distribution staff or accounts.

    4) Executing product release events and pre-sales.

    5) Maintaining a small inventory of fresh samples and promotional material(swag).

    6) Creating a wrap up email report for distribution frequently which keeps them aware of what is happening with our brand in their territory.



                Bachelors in Business/Marketing is suggested

                Drivers license and vehicle

                Team player who can effectively communicate

                Self-motivated, task oriented and highly relational

                Minimum 21 years of age

                Must have industry experience

                Microsoft Office proficient


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