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Masienda is a vertically-coordinated value chain for high-quality, single-origin masa products, with operations in Mexico and the US.

We are looking for the unique candidate that can manage cross-border logistics and internal operations. This role has the opportunity for growth, travel and impact across our Mexico-based supply chain. Spanish fluency is a requirement for the job.

The ideal candidate demonstrates:

  • Independent problem solving
  • Ability to follow specific instructions and improvise when necessary
  • Warmth and hospitality
  • Desire to work on a small team (currently 4 team members in US office)
  • Strong organizational skills including packaging and inventory management
  • Multi-tasker; ability to put out fires while also improving systems over time
  • Strong written and verbal communication
  • Ability to empathize and build personal connections

Example job responsibilities include:

  • Coordinate oftentimes complex logistics details with Mexico-based supply chain (communication with farmer partners, freight carriers, warehouses)
  • Co-manufacturer communication and production scheduling for purchase order fulfillment
  • Responding to sales inquiries and closing sales
  • Managing purchases and expenses closely to fall within monthly budget
  • Quickbooks management including invoicing and issuing purchase orders
  • Forecasting and demand planning

Working hours are between 8 am and 5:30/6 pm daily, M-F. We kindly ask that applicants be local or have plans to be local to LA within the next 30 days, as this is an on-site role.


this position is : salaried, varies DOE

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