Operations Manager / Analyst

Stoneface Brewing Company

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Operations Manager / Analyst

Stoneface Brewing is seeking an experienced production planning and supply chain manager. The person in this position works closely with the Brewing, Packaging, Sales, and Financial department leadership to ensure optimal sales & production forecasting, scheduling of operations, material procurement, inventory management practices, and transportation coordination.

This key support role requires a highly organized, analytical individual who can manage multiple ongoing projects and expectations of various stakeholders. With a broad view of the production operations, sales activities, depletion forecasts, and expense benchmarks, this role is a key participant in continuous process improvement projects.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Materials & Resource Planning: Inventory, track, monitor, forecast, cost, and procure brewing & packaging raw materials, in-process beer, and finished goods, and deliver internal updates and reports on these business areas
    • Manage all vendor relationships, including hop and malt contracts, keg logistics, can shell procurement, etc.
    • Develop inventory control procedures and improve accuracy; coordinate cycle and end of month inventory counting and reconciliation processes and reporting
  • Production Forecasting & Analysis: Evaluate and integrate inputs from financial goals, production constraints and priorities, distribution & retail inventory and rate of sale analysis, and market feedback from the Sales team, to inform the production schedule (i.e., brewing and packaging)
  • Supply Chain & Logistics: Manage wholesaler order, fulfillment, and accounting process with inputs from wholesalers and internal stakeholders
  • Pricing Management: Oversee start-to-end pricing process by working with Production on recipe costing and working with Sales on pricing strategy; manage new product set ups, including UPCs, COLA and state registrations, wholesaler and retail new-item setups
  • Data Management & Reporting: Create and maintain historical production, sales, retail, and financial data records and reports
  • Internal Reporting & Development: Drive efficiency, transparency, and cross-department collaboration by establishing metrics, developing reports, and enabling tools & templates to delivery internal reporting updates that support stakeholders across the organization
  • Regulatory Compliance: Prepare and submit all Federal & State tax filings, mandatory reports of operation, annual license renewals and new applications, new brand registrations, and R&D expense tracking for tax credit applications
  • Special Projects: Conduct business project evaluations and recommendations, such as ROI analysis on production projects, recipe costing, profitability analysis, etc
    • o    Assist with conducting business research by gathering data, identifying options, performing cost-benefits analysis, and creating non-routine reports and/or proposals with detailed analysis to create or revise business processes


  • Highly self-motivated and able to work autonomously and adhere to deadlines
  • Strong work ethic, organizational skills, problem-solving / analytical skills, and attention to detail
  • Strong written and oral communication skills and ability to adapt to various teams and stakeholders  
  • Ability to navigate a fast paced, diverse work environment
  • Very strong proficiency in Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint) required



  • Base salary
  • 2 weeks PTO + 6 Paid Holidays
  • Company-sponsored health, dental, life and disability insurance
  • “Brewery Bucks” to spend on beer, food, or merchandise in our full-service Tasting Room


To Apply, submit resume & cover letter to:  Jobs@StonefaceBrewing.com 

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