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Do you want to be a brewery owner?

Do you want to have creative control over your beer?

At Launch Brewing we have created a brewery environment focused on empowering brewers to be their best without having to carry the entire burden of running a brewery and tap house.  We are experienced operators focused on providing patrons with great beer in an experiential environment.  We are seeking to build a team of like minded professionals who would like to partner with us to create the best group of breweries on the planet.  We are offering 12 month brewer positions to come and show us what you got!  These positions give you creative control at our new brewery in a burgeoning beer market.  Upon completion of the 12 month contract, you will have the opportunity to grow into your very own brewery and tap house.  

For even more information and reason why you’ll want to join the team or to apply, visit us at www.Launch-Brewing.com

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Receiving, inventory and store raw materials and product (Verification of condition/quantity).

  • Operate 3 and 5bbl brewhouse for wort production.

  • Sample tanks for gravity, pH, CO2/DO levels, yeast cell counts and document all actions taken or changes occurring with a beer.  Harvest and handle yeast.

  • Clean kegs as needed in order to transfer beer and keep production flowing.

  • Packaging of beer in can and keg format.

  • CIP and manual cleaning of all tanks and equipment. 

  • Troubleshoot equipment problems.

  • Develop and evaluate beers with assistance of Quality Assurance and other Brewmasters.

  • As needed, prepare reports and summaries for the staff related to the aforementioned activities.

  • Meet with the Executive Director monthly. 

  • Meet with peers weekly to review feedback provided by customers.

  • Interact with tap room staff and customers in a professional manner.

  • Give facility tours of the space and be able to tell the story.

Character Qualifications: A qualified applicant…

  • Can work well with a team and also function autonomously as needed to reach goals. Someone that has a deep inherent desire to produce a good product is an essential characteristic but even more than that, we want you to be able to do that with a team.

  • Is always learning and willing to work hard for improvement. We want each team member to be open to feedback and constructive criticism from peers and superiors and is willing to learn and try things in new and different ways.

  • Embraces the company values. We know you don’t know them yet but they start with ‘We Are Thirsty’ and end with ‘Everyone is Welcome.’ We live and breathe that mentality. 

  • Loyalty and honesty will get you everywhere...quite literally. At Launch Brewing we ask for open and honest communication to live parallel with loyalty to the brand, the brew, the business, and the craft behind it all. When we see these characteristics shine through we will potentially start the conversation on offering you your own brick and mortar brewery. 

  • Hard work is required at Launch Brewing and you will see that at all levels of the company. If you don’t like working hard, we probably won’t be a good fit. 

Basic Qualifications: A qualified applicant…

  • Must be 21 years of age or older

  • Has a high school diploma or higher

  • Has been brewing beer, as an avid hobbyist or professionally, for 3+ years and understands the physical strain that the job requires.(All applicants should have experience developing and producing all grain recipes.)

  • Successfully brews different classifications of beer true to style guidelines. (we will ask for samples later on in the interview process.)

  • Has experience working with many ingredients, standard and unique, that go into the creation of a craft brew. Think fruit, herbs, spices and more.

  • Has an understanding of yeast management, calculating of hops, and has a strong ability to develop both standard and original recipes.

  • Can maneuver a pallet jack.

  • Can lift 160lbs (a full keg) with assistance or alone

  • Can maneuver equipment and learn how to package beer (keg, canning, crowler)

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