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Chief Sales and Marketing Officer



The Chief Sales and Marketing Officer (CSMO) promotes Aqua ViTea products and generates sales through the creation of new business and maintenance of existing accounts, in support of the company’s growth and profit goals.  The CSMO supervises sales and marketing support staff and works closely with outside Sales Representatives, providing guidance and resources to ensure orderly, consistent, and professional service to current and prospective Aqua ViTea customers.  The CSMO also works closely with the leadership team to develop new products and services that will successfully create new, profitable selling opportunities.


  • Sales Leadership           
  • Plan, develop, coordinate and guide all outside sales activities of Aqua ViTea rep teams to produce the targeted sales and profit goals of the company within the guidelines of company policies.
  • Manage the in-house support for all sales accounts, such as provision of marketing materials, product samples, etc.
  • Ensure awareness and adherence to policies and procedures by Sales and Marketing Department staff and outside sales reps.
  • Gather pertinent economic and industry data to identify sales prospects and marketing opportunities.
  • Keep informed of competitors’ selling policies, tactics, services, and prices offered.
  • Oversee assignment of accounts and quotas to all sales reps and rep groups.


  • Account Management
  • Manage existing house accounts to ensure profitability.
  • Identify and approach potential accounts to increase product awareness and achieve volume of sales needed to meet goals in market segment. 
  • Identify, cultivate and maintain key partnerships and/or private label accounts.
  • Maintain appropriate sales documentation including call reports, contact results, and weekly activity report.


  • Marketing
  • “Market Strategy” and “Marketing Plan” aligned with company mission and purpose.
  • Act as a steward of the Aqua ViTea brand defining strategy and working with partners and agencies as needed to deliver on brand collateral.
  • Continuously gather, evaluate and synthesize customer feedback and market insights to identify new product lines, and/or make other adjustments to improve marketability, message etc.
  • Establish competitive pricing and provide sales reps with pricing guidelines.
  • Identify, organize, manage, and help staff training seminars, retail events, and appropriate trade shows.  As necessary, participate in same to help demonstrate company products and services to potential and current customers.
  • Develop strategic relationships and co-branding efforts with charitable organizations, companies, and other partners with similar interests in promoting our brand and enabling our mission.


  • General Management
  • Assist in the preparation of annual budgets, sales revenue goals, selling expenses and advertising. Implement and monitor approved budgets, taking corrective action as necessary to meet company goals.
  • Ensure an economic balance exists between the efforts to generate sales and the resulting sales.
  • As a key member of the executive team, participate in weekly meetings by producing/presenting required reports and contributing to decisions regarding the overall management of the company.



    Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and or Business Administration from an accredited college or university is preferred, but significant, relevant experience (especially in combination with relevant education and training) will be considered in lieu of a degree.



    • Minimum of ten years of experience, including five with responsibility for the sales and marketing activities of a small to medium sized company or a division of a large corporation.
    • Experience in the beverage or food products is preferred, as is a successful track record developing and overseeing employees and an outside sales network. 


    A valid driver’s license, and a car suitable for business travel.


    • Able to effectively use Microsoft Office Products, Google, and a CRM.
    • Able to identify business opportunities, challenges, and appropriate strategies to address each. 
    • Excellent interpersonal skills, including ability to put others at ease, directly address and resolve concerns and conflicts, etc.
    • Able to effectively communicate verbally and in writing during cold calls, meeting, sales and other presentations; on the phone; and via written reports.
    • Able to maintain focus and exercise controls that will result in objectives being met on a timely basis.
    • Able to motivate, train, support, delegate to, and monitor performance of, sales reps and sales support staff.
    • Able to influence and hold others accountable in a constructive manner.
    • Able to plan and execute appropriate marketing efforts to gain new business.
    • Knowledgeable about marketing techniques and trends, pricing and quoting systems, and strategies for evaluating a customer’s potential business. 
    • Able to perform routine business math calculations, understand standard financial statements, prepare price quotations for customer, and prepare analyses of KPIs. 

     We are an equal opportunity employer. 



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