Celsius District Area Manager for Chicagoland / Illinois Market


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  • Reports to Zone Director
  • # of Direct Reports: 0 – 5
  • Level above the Territory Manager, leading up to the Regional Manager position, which would be next promotion



This position is responsible for driving results to attain the zone sales goals.  This role is an advanced role beyond the Territory Manager role, and may have assigned TMs as direct reports, or be held without direct reports, given the regional structure, and at the Zone Director’s direction. 



  • Calls directly on distributors, sub-distributors, and/or wholesalers as assigned
  • Calls on small chain accounts (targeting 50 stores or less) – or as assigned by Zone Director
  • Delivers results daily and strives to make the zone plan numbers:  case volume, number of new accounts opened and gross / net revenue every day in assigned areas of trade
  • Assigned areas of trade management might include but are not limited to:
      • Convenience channel
      • Conventional Grocery channel
      • Natural channel – in areas where assigned
      • Drug channel – in areas where assigned
      • Routes to market which should be a focus for a DM are:
          • DSD – local area direct store delivery partners currently on board
          • Wholesale – non-direct store delivery routes to market which would include large warehouses and multiple state operations (see Zone Director for list of targets by channel and by geography).  DM executes but does not seek new wholesalers to open without the prior approval of the Zone Dir, as these relationships may cross exclusive DSD contracts and may be complicated in nature.
          • Direct to Retail – accounts which the company ships directly.  These accounts are typically not a call point for a DM as the volume is substantial and will likely be for a Zone Director or fall under the guidance of the VP National Accounts.  Any new potential customer opportunities with a direct ship request, should be surfaced to the Zone Director and cc:  VP National Accounts
          • Leading subordinate team members, the DM role takes on the following responsibilities:

          • Set goals and track activity for assigned TM’s within district and report results to Manager.  Always make cold availability and displays a priority.
          • Ensure Sales Force is utilized at all times by self and others in Zone.
          • Ensure all TM’s know how to calculate retailer math (cost, margin, retail, penny profit, etc)
          • Ensure all TM’s have updated sell sheets at all times for all channels of trade
          • Proactively supporting the team and distributors through execution while leading the TM’s and repositioning TM roles as the marketplace and assignments change.
          • Maintaining established accounts and training TM’s to do the same
          • Manages TMs within a district to achieve sales/volume goals including shipments and distribution
          • Works with or rides along with DSD companies at a minimum of 2 trade days per month
          • Rides with or works directly with subordinates 3 days per quarter, rotating team members to coach, mentor and train, also evaluate, motivate and challenge

            Administrative Duties include:

          • Utilizes CELSIUS Link and Sales Force for most up-to-date Company information including sales materials – ensures self and all team members are presenting the brand using marketing materials provided by the organization’s branding team
          • Ensure all partners of the brand, whom you are responsible for calling or managing, regularly access the Link, and are actively utilizing this tool to gain the most updated selling materials, strategies, news & information about the brand (DSD key account, pre-sales team, wholesaler sales teams, area brokers, subordinates, peers)
          • Propose trade show schedule to Trade Marketing Manager, to generate area business through attendance of key wholesalers, or retailer partners. 
          • Potentially oversee local show with management of third party on-site brand ambassador staff, coordination of product, and other trade show deliveries at local venues. To maintain Sales Force– training is the team member’s responsibility, request in writing additional training if necessary.
              • Uses the app as instructed
              • Participates with your Zone Director in summary discussions to ensure we are maximizing the efficiencies of your app and workflow as assigned.
              • Adhering to company policies – social platforms, expenses, etc.
              • Other duties as assigned by zone director or corporate leadership


                DSD Management:

              • Takes active role in managing distributor to achieve sales plan and case volume
              • Schedules route rides for TMs and self, attends sales meetings to educate about brand CELSIUS and motivate the team to achieve specifically articulated case goals for that branch or distributor.  Numbers should be assigned to each distributor as part of the overall zone plan.  These numbers should be shared with distributor partners at the beginning of the year for their buy in.  *If their plans do not meet our goals, discussions to attain goals must be had.
                  • includes TM’s in all local meetings – when and where possible, for training purposes and show of support in depth of brand coverage.
                  • Manages the POS area to ensure brand messaging is not dated and POS is a just-in-time supply vs. stocked
                  • Conducts incentives and monitors progress to ensure contests/prizing or rewards are motivating to the team and timely with statement of contest prizes, etc.
                  • Depending on senior level, Zone Director initiative, the DM is assigned to meet with the Senior Leadership of the DSD house, District Managers or Territory / Branch Managers of the DSD or subs, to review case volume growth, sku volume, etc., on a monthly basis
                  • Presents specials/deals and pricing to the distributor and works with the Trade Marketing Team to ensure one pager deal sheets are prepared in advance of the month or quarter to make it into DSD team “books” or binders, so they are ready to sell!
                  • Works with senior management pointing out inventory short falls and working system to ensure distributors stay in stock.  Relaying information to Zone Director and forecasting for the distributor if growth is escalating or larger displays /activity on the horizon which would affect CELSIUS overall ability to stay in stock.
                  • Be present, cheerful and professional at the local DSD houses in CELSIUS updated, branded apparel at all times.



                    Wholesaler Management:

                  • Where not in conflict with DSD (distribution) – area DMs should pursue opening key local or regional accounts which will in turn open access to key area wholesaler’s local warehouses.
                  • To complete the “opening of a local wholesaler’s warehouse”, call on independent and chain retail accounts, as assigned, or in conjunction with area wholesale sales team members or assigned brokers, if CELSIUS has retained. 
                  • Survey key local chains to determine, if landed, which wholesale accounts they would pull through. 
                  • Once our lines have item numbers in those wholesalers, selling into a local chain is the way to create pull through to remain in the local warehouse, but it also gives tremendous access to all retailers up/down the street who pull from that same warehouse or buy from their wholesaler book.
                  • The added responsibility of a DM is to map a plan for success by penetrating the other accounts all pulling from the secured, local wholesaler warehouse. 
                  • If TMs support that DM, they should also be given a list of accounts which can be opened and serviced by the wholesaler who has those accounts on their roster.
                  • All zone team members should be regularly soliciting sales and developing new wholesaler accounts to meet zone sales case and dollar goals.
                  • Monitoring of the skus and placement of each individual sku within every wholesaler warehouse is important so skus meet minimums and warehouses rotations meet their On-Hands (OH) requirements. 
                  • Work with wholesaler leadership team – call them and ask if they have a local sales team, ask to meet with them and host a breakfast/lunch
                  • Attend the sales meetings to educate on product, hand out sell sheets with our brand information and the item numbers assigned by said wholesaler - ready their team for sales!



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