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Moniker Brewery

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Moniker Brewery is a 10 bbl brewery complete with tasting room and large outdoor beer garden. Located in the Federal Hill neighborhood of Providence, Rhode Island - we are focused on quality and community.

Beer styles will range from traditional, to fun and creative; and will cover the entire spectrum. Diversity will be a key factor in our lineup. As the Head Brewer you will be asked to take part in recipe development, and brand creation. This position comes with a lot of responsibility, but also awards you a tremendous amount of creative freedom. 

This position will include, but certainly not be limited to, all aspects of brewery production. 

Duties and responsibilities include: 

• Work closely with management to design and execute a quality product 

• Recipe development – As well as brewing already established recipes 

• Solid understanding of raw materials and ingredients 

• Ability to work unsupervised and be self-motivated 

• Work independently AS WELL AS part of a team 

• Willingness to work tasting room hours

• All brewhouse operations 

• Mill grain and mash in at correct temperatures 

• Knowledge of proper aeration / temp during knock out based on various beer / yeast styles 

• Maintain accurate documentation of all brewing steps 

• Proper yeast handling skills 

• Yeast harvesting and propagating 

• Full cellaring knowledge 

• Ability to perform proper and safe CIP procedures 

• Ability to work efficiently and Safely with required chemicals 

• Uphold strict brewery sanitation standards 

• Ability to climb latter and preform dry hopping tasks 

• Ability to stand for extended periods of time 

• Ability to move up to 165 lbs. and repeatedly lift 60 lbs. 

• Ability to comfortably squat, bend, kneel and stretch on a regular basis 

• Good organizational skills 

• Good cleaning / housekeeping habits 

• Ability to create and execute a functional brewing schedule 

• Help on packaging days (when it does not interfere with brewing) 

• Keep accurate, and up to date inventory of raw materials 

• Coordinate with farmer to schedule spent grain removal/ pick up. 

• Ability to multitask 


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