Cellar and Packaging Operators

Milwaukee Brewing Company

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The key duties, and as directed:

* Tank Cleaning

* Centrifugation & Filtration

* Yeast Propagation and Management

* Pasteurization of Beer

* Barrel Ageing

* Bagged and Bulk Malt Operations

* Cleaning and Sanitizing; all areas of the Brewery

* Depalletizing Bottles and Cans

* Back-end Packaging Operations (Tray former, 6-pack erector, Switchback, etc)

* Racking (Kegging)

* Warehouse material management

* Did we mention Cleaning?


Must be able to lift 50 lbs, withstand various climates and be available for work 1st or 2d Shift. 


At least 1 year of relevant experience.


Weekend OT as needed.

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