Senior Manager, Diversity & Inclusion, People & Culture

The Lemon Perfect Company

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Lemon Perfect is looking to hire an energetic and passionate TEAMMMATE/COACH/RECRUITER

to help promote diversity and inclusion through hiring exceptional and diverse talent and

designing company strategies and practices that support the company’s human resources

department and overall culture and diversity goals.


In this highly visible and strategic role, you will be the primary point of contact and support for

the company’s human resources department and will work collaboratively with the company’s

CEO and leadership team to communicate and implement new strategies for recruiting, hiring,

retaining, and promoting talent, specifically from historically underrepresented backgrounds. You

will also lead efforts across the company to promote a culture of respect, inclusion, positive

energy, and an unrelenting will to win.



  • Design company policies and strategies that promote diversity in the workplace and protect minority groups and women
  • Train hiring managers on how to recruit, hire, manage, evaluate, and retain employees, specifically those from historically underrepresented backgrounds
  • Measure and forecast diversity metrics
  • Organize trainings, events, and activities to boost employees’ cross-company communication and overall team spirit
  • Brainstorm new, creative approaches to human resources management
  • Represent our company at various career events (like job fairs)
  • Ensure that the new hire orientation process effectively introduces new employees to the company’s positive culture
  • Develop innovative ways to measure employee morale and determine methods for improving overall employee satisfaction
  • Act as a liaison between the company and outside legal and professional resources to ensure that all employment policies follow current laws and regulations
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