President/Ltd.Partner - Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

Roasters/Wholesalers unadulterated healthy coffees

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Help us grow rapidly in an organized manner,  We have the technical expertise and need you to bring us from $-0- to our first $100M.  Our amazing breakthrough technology is being hailed by government agencies, consumers and major corporations like Nestle. There are NO comparable coffees.  We have spent 13 years in R&D and in proving our coffee and technology.


We have already developed interest from over 90 major chains and we haven't received the response from our virtual trade show yet.

Our company has a unique structure and, it is 100% owned by our executives and workers who have brought us to this stage.

Much of what we will tell you sounds too good to be true, but we can easily prove it.

We are a virtual corporation whose shareholders provide everything that we need from accounting through sales, many of our shareholders are very impressive.  Our coffees have created a third, new coffee category and we are alone in this classification for healthy coffees.  Already tested and approved by over 100 major accounts and are in the process of a soft-launch.

You will be the face of our company and you'll have numerous opportunities to increase your ownership and wealth.

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