Assistant Operations Manager - Boston Iced Tea Company

Boston Iced Tea Company

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What is Boston Iced Tea?

Boston Iced Tea is the first and finest superfood RTD iced tea company on the market. We infuse our teas with 9 odorless, colorless, and tasteless medicinal mushroom extracts, each selected for their proven immune system support. All ingredients are natural, organic, and non-GMO; we avoid any artificial flavors or preservatives and only source the highest quality ingredients available on the market today. With 1 g or less of sugar per serving, our teas are diabetic-friendly and preferred by today’s health conscious consumer. 

To learn more about our Happy, Healthy, Humble company, please visit:

Where it Began

Owner Michael Arnold grew up in the beverage world of Boston, bringing his experience westward as a young man and building the Boston Iced Tea brand over the past 8 years with inside industry insight and guidance. Not only does “Boston Iced Tea” conjure patriotic images of the famous Boston Tea Party, but it also reflects the Ice King of Boston, Frederic Tudor, who single-handedly founded the international ice trade, allowing ice to be harvested from the New England kettle ponds and shipped worldwide. 

Position Description - Assistant Operations Manager

At Boston Iced Tea Company, our success relies on all of our moving parts operating smoothly and seamlessly. The Assistant Operations Manager plays a key role in ensuring this takes place, carrying out tasks delegated by the Operations Manager and CEO. The individual who fills this role wears many hats and has a clear understanding of both the big picture and the minute details of the entire company.

The position leaves room for growth and upward mobility in the company. Day-to-day tasks include speaking with all team members on a regular basis, ensuring that everyone is operating in line with the company's strategic goals. Responsibilities include joint oversight of all company operations, including Supply Chain/Procurement, Quality Assurance, Manufacturing, Warehousing and Logistics, Inventory Control and Management, and General Management, all with calm and clear execution. As we are a rapidly growing startup you will be required to work diligently, wear different hats, remain adaptable and flexible, and approach the position with positivity and enthusiasm!

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Work directly with the Operations Manager and the CEO to understand and develop Boston Iced Tea’s growth strategy, to ensure the attainment of company goals and profitability by region.
  • Spend time collaborating with, and delegating tasks to, other team members as warranted.
  • Maintain consistent dialogue with distributors to ensure Boston Iced Tea remains a priority in their portfolios.
  • Remain capable of pivoting in the rapidly changing environment typical of a fast-growing startup environment
  • Understand and meet FDA compliant processes and procedures
  • Maintain compliance with all regulatory requirements and ethical standards related to procurement and production.
  • Help avoid legal challenges by understanding current and proposed regulations; enforcing requirements; recommending new procedures.
  • Establish effective communication practices that provide relevant and value-added information to operators, staff and upper management on a routine basis.
  • Support and collaborate at all levels of the business with respect to sales and marketing, procurement and supply chain, finance and executive leadership functions.


  • A passion for the beverage world.
  • Multiple years in a key role with beverage industry leaders (i.e. Honest Tea, Rockstar, Monster, etc.) 
  • Strong knowledge of wholesaler operations and programming
  • Ability to manage and delegate to others in a equitable and efficient manner
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment
  • Strong intuition and autonomy
  • Excellent communication skills and extremely personable
  • Very organized with strong attention to detail and time management
  • Proficiency with Excel and Google Docs
  • Access to reliable transportation
  • Ability to work occasional weekends and evenings as needed
  • Valid driver’s license and 21+


  • Competitive, commensurate to experience and qualifications
  • Expense and mileage reimbursement
  • Complimentary product
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