National Sales Manager

Carrington Farms

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Are you innovative?  Fun?  Into healthy food and healthy living?  Do you want to be part of team that gives back?  We are looking for someone to oversee all sales activities of the regional sales and extensive broker network.  The National Sales Manager (NSM) reports to the Chief Growth Officer and is a member of the Company’s Executive Team & Marketing Committee. The NSM is responsible for the direction and management of all customers for branded products, except private label, Walmart and Costco.  The NSM oversees all business development operations, including market competitiveness, pricing, compensation, distribution and channel strategy. The NSM will drive the Company’s achievement of its revenue and profit goals. Maintain a good working knowledge of product, channel and marketplace and how to use technology to improve existing services and grow the top line.  The NSM will manage all company sales personnel, independent reps and build internal sales support team.  The NSM must keep the focus on the customer and ensure all sales processes are efficient and delivering the best possible service at the lowest possible cost.   The NSM must coordinate all Sales activities and manage for results - deliver the numbers, including managing promotional activities.  Create a new post pandemic sales process ensuring the company is competitive

METRICS– how will success be measured:

  • ·       Revenue & growth
  • ·       Gross Profit
  • ·       Proposals – Won –
  • ·       Shelf growth
  • ·       New market penetration
  • ·       Promotional spending
  • ·       Customer profitability
  • ·       Market share - increased ACV


  • Develop post pandemic sales process for effective communication and selling to all accounts.
  • Develop budgets, plans & strategies by territory and overall for securing business & achieving company’s goals
  • Create a culture of success and ongoing business and goal achievement
  • Manage the sales force & independent reps monthly
      • Ensure all sales personnel & reps have an adequate sales funnel 
      • Ensure all sales personnel & reps are managed as to customer profitability, budgeted sales goals and promotional activity. 
      • Manage budget for all sales related expenses.
      • Define optimal sales force structure.
      • Hire and develop reps and sales staff.
      • Become known as an employer of choice and a sales force that top sales personnel want to join.
      • Define & manage sales staff compensation & incentive to ensure team achieves sales targets.
      • Manage customer expectations and contribute to a high level of customer satisfaction.
      • Define sales processes to drive desired outcomes & focus on continuous improvement.
      • Monitor customer, market & competitor activity providing feedback to company leadership.
      • As a member of the Marketing Committee ensure all activities are focused on building brand and making plan.
      • Manage key customer relationships and participate in closing strategic opportunities.
      • Manage all sales meeting, shows & events to ensure all activities are representing the company appropriately and are cost effective.
      • Maintain Product, Broker Brand decks
      • Travel with Sales force and brokers as needed
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