Assistant Distiller

Isla de Califa

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Assistant Distiller needed to aid in distillery operations and upkeep, including mashing, fermentation, distilling, barreling, proofing, cleaning, and general maintenance of the distillery. This role has a large potential for leadership growth as the second operations hire at a high production volume distillery. To be a good fit for this position you must have at least 2 years operations experience working in a production beverage facility (distillery/brewery/winery preferred).


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assist Master Distiller with all distillery operations
  • Receiving large quantities of dry goods, grain, fermented liquid, and other materials
  • Operation of mash tun, pumps, stills, and other distillery equipment
  • Cleaning and sanitation of all distillery tanks, hoses, and equipment
  • Record keeping logs for all distillery processes
  • Handling barrels (receiving, steaming, washing, racking, organizing)
  • Proofing, blending, and bottling of spirits
  • General cleaning and maintenance of a sanitary distillery workspace


  • 2+ years production experience in a commercial distillery, brewery, winery, or other beverage plant
  • Forklift experience
  • Self-motivated and ability to work independently, as well as part of a team
  • Strong leadership skills and organization
  • Age 21+

Education and Experience Qualifications

  • Understanding of distilling science (both continuous and pot stills) and mashing/cereal grain processing
  • Bachelor’s Degree relevant to distilling (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Engineering, Food & Beverage Science)
  • Formal distilling education preferred
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