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Job Summary: The Director of Brewery Operations is responsible for the overall planning, coordination, and implementation of the brewing process. To perform this role, they must be capable of a variety of diverse tasks including but not limited to: managing staff, scheduling beer production runs, ensuring adequate raw materials are available, making sure the brewery’s equipment is working properly and scheduling maintenance and repairs, overseeing production, supervising beer packaging, and maintaining a safe work environment. The Director of Brewing Operations will work closely with the executive management team and head brewer to ensure that the brewing process remains consistent and that beer production goals are met. This is a key role at the brewery and one that carries a lot of responsibility. They must ensure that the brewery produces high-quality beer — on-time and on-budget.Job DutiesThe Director of Brewery Operations has wide-reaching responsibilities that bring them into contact with virtually every department and employee in the brewery. Their responsibilities include:
  • Supervise brewing production from start to finish. The Director of Brewery Operations will oversee every aspect of the production process, from the acquisition and processing of raw materials to the bottling and dispatch of the finished product. When a problem occurs with a production process, they are usually the first point of contact.
  • Create brewing, filtration and bottling schedules. The Director of Brewery Operations must create schedules so all stages of the brewing process are performed on time and production targets are met. They must ensure that beers are produced on a schedule that maximizes the efficiency of the brewery and its staff.
  • Work with the head brewer to formulate recipes and maintain quality. The Director of Brewery Operations will work closely with the head brewer to formulate recipes for large-scale production runs and ensure those recipes are correctly followed. They will be involved with the quality assurance process and play a significant role in ensuring the brewery continues to make great beer.
  • Help create a realistic budget for beer production and monitor that budget. The Director of Brewery Operations will help management create an appropriate budget for beer production runs, then take the steps necessary to ensure the budget is met during production runs.
  • Coordinate beer movements throughout the brewery. The Director of Brewery Operations is responsible for moving beer throughout the brewery and making changes based on any issues that occur. Those issues could include changes to production goals, issues with raw materials, or mechanical issues.
  • Work with materials suppliers. The Director of Brewery Operations will be involved with suppliers of raw materials for brewing beer, packaging suppliers, and brewing equipment suppliers. They must maintain good working relationships with these companies and individuals.
  • Ensure beer remains high-quality. The Director of Brewery Operations attend daily and weekly tastings to test the quality of the beer being produced. They may also work with laboratory staff to evaluate chemical composition analysis of the beers being created and raw materials being used.
  • Continually improve production processes and the quality of beer. The Director of Brewery Operations must adopt a philosophy of continual improvement. They will constantly look for ways to brew beer more efficiently and increase the quality of the finished product. They will also troubleshoot any problems that occur in the brewing process.
  • Design process initiatives for production efficiency and help implement positive changes in the usage of existing staff and equipment.
  • Make sure that the brewery staff understands their roles. The Director of Brewery Operations will supervise staff and make sure they are performing their roles adequately. They will also develop training and mentorship programs at the brewery to improve workers’ skills.
  • Positive Representation of brand values and brand identity within the brew house, tap room and public events, which means discussion of brand principles and wearing branded apparel.
  • Possess an intimate knowledge of beer styles and be able to expertly communicate that information to a variety of audiences including tap room staff, patrons visiting the tasting room, and with the public at events/festivals.
  • Heavily participate in a team mentality with constructive two way communication skills.
  • Enforce occupational health and safety standards The individual must ensure the brewery is a safe workplace and they play a role in enforcing safety standards on the production line. The Director of Brewery Operations will also perform safety audits and ensure that anyone visiting the brewery does so safely.
  • Ensure the brewery is extremely clean and complies with food regulations. The Director of Brewery Operations will be vigilant when it comes to workplace hygiene. They must ensure that all machinery is correctly maintained and sanitized after use or if any maintenance is required, that it is performed as per manufacturer specifications and or scheduled by a certified repair person.
Educational RequirementsThe Director of Brewery Operations will typically have:
  • A formal brewing qualification (IBD diploma or equivalent)
  • A management qualification or the equivalent experience
  • (Ideally) a Bachelor’s degree in food production, chemistry, biology, business or engineering.
  • Knowledge of OSHA and safety standards
  • Knowledge of government regulatory programs and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)
  • A significant amount of experience managing a brewery production line (5 or more years)
  • A demonstrated ability to drive improvement and innovation at a brewery
  • Experience in managing a team
  • Experience running a production line and implementing quality assurance protocols
  • Proven ability to use best practice manufacturing techniques to improve a brewery
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Able to work independently with minimal supervision to achieve the shared goals of the management team
  • IT skills
  • Data entry and usage of beer tracking systems such as EKOS
  • Excellent leadership skills, the ability to motivate a team and to maintain positive morale in the workplace
  • Personable, approachable and a pleasant demeanor
  • Strong knowledge of brewing practices and different beers
  • Strong understanding of process controls
  • Planning and organizational skills
  • Problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Strong work ethic and the ability to multitask
  • Attention to detail and accuracy
  • Physically fit and able to work in a demanding environment
  • Physical ability to be on feet for long periods of time and lift at least 55lbs
  • Passion for craft beer
  • Management experiencing in a production brewery 
  • Recipe development and pilot batching experience. 
  • Advanced practical brewing knowledge
  • Ability to manage all aspects a brewing operation
  • Ability to schedule and manage production and production staff
  • Able to work a flexible schedule when necessary
  • Strong organizational skills and cleanliness
  • Understanding of health and safety compliance and implementation
  • Physical ability to be on feet for long periods of time and lift at least 55lbs
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