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Suffolk Punch Brewing

Operations Manager – Charlotte, NC MSA

Suffolk Punch Brewing was established in 2017 as a neighborhood brewery focusing on a wide array of styles – including the classics, the latest trends, barrel aged special releases, and stronger seasonal beers.  Our flagship location in Charlotte’s booming South End, offers guests a diverse experience including a taphouse, full-service restaurant, craft cocktail program, coffee bar, and separate event hall (Norfolk Hall).  Our packaging and self-distribution program continues to grow within NC.

We have opened a second production facility located in Charlotte’s Wesley Heights neighborhood called “The Blendery” which produces sour and wild ales by applying various traditional disciplines.  In addition, we are actively planning other outlets, including a second large-format restaurant and taproom in the Charlotte market.

As Operations Manager, you are primarily responsible for achieving operational goals and will oversee all production functions, scheduling, logistics, inventory, and sales.  You are passionate about leading others, an excellent communicator, focused on solutions (vs problems), and are fueled by a drive for constant improvement and innovation.

Day to Day:

  • Responsible for the daily activities of the entire brewery staff including operations and sales personnel.  Anticipate and manage par inventory levels based on fluctuating demand.
  • Coordinate production schedules, supply ordering, packaging, warehouse management, quality control, and logistics to maximize efficiency and grow profitability.
  • Manage sales and delivery team members by overseeing weekly call and delivery schedules based on strategic goals.
  • Coach and support brewery and sales teams through daily challenges - making the best, most informed decisions possible with all Key Initiatives in mind.
  • Enforce consistent quality control and efficiency standards.
  • Coordinate upcoming new beer releases.  Assist with the conception and design of new beers.
  • Communicate regularly with taproom managers to keep taproom staff well-versed on SPB beers and to gauge and anticipate demand.
  • Use Ekos to manage brewery operations, keeping accurate records of all production and sales aspects.
  • Communicate regularly with owners, promptly relaying issues of significance (positive and negative) so next steps can be formulated and implemented.
  • Collaborate with and provide support to the marketing team to execute the SPB brand at the highest level possible.  Plan, manage, and occasionally attend festivals and special events.
  • Prepare detailed reports for weekly meetings with owners including sales, inventory, production, upcoming schedules, personnel issues, special projects, and any other relevant operations information.
  • Handle all administrative matters including payroll, HR, ABC/TTB requirements, expense reports, any other reporting items.
  • Maintain all equipment and fleet vehicles.


Key Initiatives

  • Promote a culture of safety, honesty, and hard work. Ensure all facilities are safe & OSHA compliant and strive to manage inherent workplace risks.
  • Strategically grow and improve the business, working with ownership to create goals and initiatives for business development and the personal development of our team members. 
  • Strive to make excellent products by leveraging the team’s strengths and diversity.
  • Ensure our facilities are operated consistently using SOPs. Work with team members to continually audit existing procedures and add new ones wherever needed.



  • Review production costs and product quality and modify production and inventory control programs to enhance profitability.
  • Enforce quality standards at all levels of production through proper techniques and regular maintenance of equipment.
  • Guide, mediate, and properly document employee issues, disputes, or performance problems as needed.
  • Maintain all appropriate employee files and stay up to date with HR and labor laws, ensuring compliance and eliminating company liability wherever possible.
  • Conduct annual performance reviews of all staff with senior management. Keep detailed records.


Position Requirements

  • Minimum 8 years’ operations experience in the beverage industry or related manufacturing environment.
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience managing people in a manufacturing position.
  • Demonstrable competency in strategic planning, business development, problem solving.
  • Suitable college-level education preferred.
  • Valid driver’s license and must be maintained throughout employment. Clean driving record for past 5 years required.
  • Tech-minded with superior command of email communication, Microsoft Office Suite (emphasis on Excel), EKOS Brewmaster (or similar platform). Comfortable adopting new technology tools.
  • Must have a passion for craft beer.
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Must live in the Charlotte, NC area.
  • Flexible work schedule. Schedules will fluctuate based on needs. You will be asked to work some weekends and special events.
  • Good judgment and a history of maintaining same is required. 
  • All SPB team members will always act within the limits of the law and will always promote the education of responsible consumption including during working hours, trade shows, festivals, etc.
  • Willing and able to engage in activities that are physically rigorous – including, the ability to lift kegs weighing 55 lbs. and be able to move 165 lbs. kegs by sliding them and by using proper moving and loading equipment.
  • Background check required. Must be 21 years of age or older.

** This Job Description is only a summary of the typical functions of the job, not an exhaustive or comprehensive list of all possible job responsibilities, tasks and duties.**


Compensation & Benefits:

  • Salary to be customized based on experience and qualifications. Benefits include health insurance & paid time off.
  • This is a full-time exempt position for the purposes of federal wage-law and will not be eligible for overtime pay for hours actually worked in excess of 40 in a given workweek. Workdays and hours will vary between weekdays, weekends, days and nights.
  • Suffolk Punch Brewing is an equal opportunity employer.


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