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Surf City Still Works

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Surf City Still Works is the first distillery to operate in Huntington Beach, and we recently completed a major 25,000sf expansion so that we can continue building SoCal's true craft spirits brand!

We have a great relationship with our distributor, Southern Glazer's, which has led us into retail placements in 2020 that we could only dream of when we started this crazy venture three years ago. We now have a continuous still, tank farm, and bottling and canning lines to keep up with demand. Our new facility will also feature a 100-seat restaurant and private event space (opening Summer 2021).

We have a clear vision of where we are headed and what our values are; this centers on serving our customers, team, and community from a place of deep respect and kindness in every action and word. We have a supportive family-like culture where new ideas are welcome, independent thinking & problem solving is encouraged, personal & professional growth is cultivated, and a focus on hiring within takes priority when a new role opens up.We are dedicated to highlighting and supporting local artists by means of featuring their artwork on our bottles & tasting room walls, but also by supporting the artist’s community as a whole.

Now that we have completed our expansion, we are looking for a Bottling & Canning Manager. We are looking for someone who is just as excited about our future as we are, and also understands that this position includes some hard work. This includes the fun and not so fun ones, such as, but not limited to:

  • Prepping machines for each day of running
  • Prepping supplies needed for run
  • Bottling spirits
  • Canning beverages
  • Cleaning lines post run
  • Putting supplies, tools & equipment away
  • Maintaining physical inventory of supplies 
  • Manage the bottling & canning team
  • Quality control
  • Cleaning & dusting the machines as needed
  • Sweeping & washing down the floors as needed
  • Adhere to and enforce safety protocols 
  • Follow a maintenance schedule to keep machines working properly


You will thrive in this position if you are able to keep a positive attitude and level head. This position requires a mechanical aptitude along with patience and a calm personality able to work in a fast paced, high volume and noisy environment. You will also require the ability to assess, troubleshoot and follow logic systems, working with sensors and timing of multiple components. Being able to lift 50 lbs and climb a ladder is also a requirement. 

As part of a small team, everyone here gets their hands dirty (including the owners!) and the Bottling Manager will be no different even though "Manager" is in your title. If you are not actively prepping, bottling, canning, or cleaning up the bottling & canning area you will most likely be asked to assist the production & management team with other tasks within the warehouse.

This will be a full time salaried position with competitive pay.We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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