Spindletap Brewery

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Primary Roles & Responsibilities

· Wort production, cleaning of lauter tun, grain milling, and weekly brewhouse CIP as needed.

· Use proper cleaning and sanitation procedures on heat exchangers and piping to fermenters to ensure product quality

· Maintain proper awareness and adherence of SOP’s

· Maintain cleanliness and organization of all hop and grain storage areas

· Help keep brewhouse and cellar vessels/area clean and organized

· Train for and participate in sensory program

· Willingness to learn and take on new responsibilities as needed


Essential Functions

· Ability to work both independently and as part of a team

· Ability to be flexible with schedule, including working overnight shifts

· Report to work on time

· Proper use and handling of chemicals

· Repeated lifting of 55 lb

· Safely operate fork lift, pallet jacks, and other machinery

· Adhere to company policies


Employee Benefits

• Paid time off

• Employer assisted health, dental

• 401k with up to 4% employer match

• Beer

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