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POSITION SUMMARY: The Brewers at Commonhouse Aleworks hold responsibility and accountability for all brewing, cellaring, packaging, and cleaning. The role is an extension of the Head Brewer and will work in consultation with them to further the mission and values of Commonhouse Aleworks while growing the bottom line results of the business. Brewers are an integral part of the core production team and a representative for the Commonhouse brand, responsible for upholding company values at all times while ensuring our standards of quality beer and rules of engagement within Commonhouse are met.


Execute on Commonhouse Aleworks’ goal of pursuing production of the perfect beer in a stellar environment by holding themselves and team members accountable to expectations; be actively engaged in Commonhouse operations and culture; maximize efficiency and profitability of Brewhouse operations by participating in adhering to system development and modifications of processes; release market relevant beer of the highest quality; manage costs to be inline/ beat budget targets especially for raw materials costs of goods sold. The ability to multitask, pay attention to detail, and proactively take tasks to completion in a timely manner is a must.


  • Assisting the Head Brewer in any and all aspects of the production of beer (ordering and receiving raw materials, brewing, transferring, cellaring, cleaning, packaging, quality control and assurance, plant operations)

  • Brew, cellar, and package beer according to the brew schedule and per the Head Brewer

  • Work closely with other brewers and team members to achieve desired quality and production targets

  • Complete tasks in accordance with company standard operating procedures and guidelines

  • Follow all safety procedures

  • Keep accurate inventory and quality management of raw materials and chemicals. Communicate inventory on no less than a weekly basis with Head Brewer

  • Keep accurate daily production and activity records in company systems

  • Continually maintain all brewhouse areas, including equipment (mill room, brewhouse, cellar, spent grain area, bulk grain storage area, service yard, storage mezzanine, as well as all walkways and driveways around/ leading to the brewhouse)

  • Maintain a clean and organized work environment, keeping facility clean and functional at all times

  • Assist with inventory counts of finished beer, grain, hops, and other materials as assigned

  • Monitor quality, temperature, pressure, gravities, dissolved oxygen, and carbonation of beers in tanks, in package, on on draft in the Taphouse on a daily basis

  • Work with Head Brewer to keep an improvement log on all issues as they develop

  • Attend Production and All Hands meetings and contribute to new products and product improvement

  • Brewhouse operation

  • Malt handling and wort production

  • Monitoring fermentation (gravity, pH, cell counts, etc.), sampling, and conducting taste panels

  • Maintaining accurate and legible records and entering into brewery enterprise software (EKOS BREWMASTER), brew logs and quality monitoring software (Grist)

  • Quality control and assurance

  • Yeast harvesting, storage, and cell counting

  • Troubleshooting equipment problems within the brewhouse

  • General cellar operations

  • Beer transfers – tank to tank/prep beers for packaging

  • Dry hopping

  • Raw ingredient management/ measurement per recipes/ SOPs

  • Packaging of draft, bottled, and canned product

  • CIP & Cleaning, sanitation and maintenance of brewhouse equipment and cellar tanks and equipment, using tools and equipment to validate cleaning (i.e., ATP meter)

  • Line cleaning

  • Assisting other team members as needed

  • Proper handling of chemicals required for sanitization and cleaning of equipment

  • Understanding and practicing all internal safety standards

  • Being an everyday ambassador for Commonhouse Aleworks

  • Adheres to and advances the culture of Commonhouse Aleworks.

  • Self motivated and accountable

  • Complete all necessary paperwork and computer work accurately and promptly/ on time

  • Able to work a flexible schedule of nights, days, and weekends. Some flexibility in hours is allowed; however, Brewhouse employees are expected to be available and working during the “core” work hours of 8am to 6pm (8-5/ 9-6.) Occasional early morning, evening, and weekend work may be required as job duties demand.

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