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? The Mission of This Role

The mission of the Marketing Operations Coordinator is to project manage, administrate, coordinate, and execute on the hundreds of details going on in our marketing department at any given time. You thrive on bringing order to chaos and on seeing ways to bring efficiency to collaborative processes. 

? Accountabilities

You will be accountable for the following areas of the business:

  • Marketing & Cross Department Project Coordination
  • Website Content Coordination & Administration (updates & new content)
  • Ad Account Administration
  • Promotional & Launch Project Management/Coordination
  • Email, Social, & SMS Campaign Scheduling & Analysis (Post In-Housing of Email & SMS)
? Outcomes

How will we know, with measurable clarity, whether you are doing an A-level job? What will the results be, what will we have achieved? What will it feel like?

  • Products, campaigns and ads are launched on time. All team members know what they need to contribute, by when, in order to reach our goal date
  • Marketing campaigns are executed with all the content created and links working, no broken links or bad UX
  • Changes to the site (for legal reasons, ingredient updates, complaints due to content etc.) are tended to immediately to avoid further issues
  • Team support: ensure the brand team (and integrated teams) have a go-to person to help them complete projects & tasks
  • Support the Creative Director and other managers to ensure they have the bandwidth to focus on areas of their highest contribution and are not mired down in granular task work
? Competencies

What specific things do you need to be good at to do this job well?

  • Organized & strategic thinking
  • Team player (willingness to help others)
  • Flexibility (for quick turn-arounds)
  • Attention to detail
  • Quantitative mindset
  • Proactive
  • Takes initiative, sees opportunity and DOES THE THING
Role-Based Competencies
  • Mastery of marketing ops (Shopify, Klaviyo, FB Ads manager, Carthook, Notion)
  • Ability to translate conversational brainstorming and ideation into tasks and timelines
  • Savvy tech skills to evolve and grow with company
  • Cross-departmental understanding
  • Project management skills
  • Loads of initiative/intrapreneurship
? Role Responsibilities

Areas of work will include but most def won't be limited to:

  • Responding to requests for changes and/or bug reports on the site and either handling them yourself or assigning them to the appropriate person
  • Scheduling organic social posts on a rolling basis, coordinating the efforts of the creative team to make sure you have what you need to post
  • Making daily Stories, including stories that include some degree of interactivity
  • Reposting and saving all the quality UGC content we receive; organizing UGC into our Ad Production flow
  • Sourcing other brands to collab with on contests and giveaways and then doing the basic interactions needed to do those promotions
  • Attending planning meetings and translating the plans discussed in the meetings into functional projects and tasks that make sure we get the things we discussed done on time
  • Adapt long form content across multiple formats to optimize channel performance Maintaining the integrated marketing calendar so the entire org has visibility
  • Weekly administrative tasks related to influencers and social media (following, liking content, commenting, etc.)
  • Weekly administrative tasks on our ad accounts, creating ad sets, audiences, etc.
  • Take longer-form content (podcasts, blogs etc) and turn it into usable content across multiple channels (social, ads, etc)
? Reporting

This role reports to our Master of wearing multiple hats, Creative Director Ben ??

? What You’ll Get Out Of It


Job-Type: Full-time

Location: Boulder, CO. Hybrid in-person/remote

Salary Range: $40,000 - $80,000 annually. Possibility for equity based on performance.

Hours: 40 hours+ a week. The right fit for this position will be flexible in a start-up environment.

Benefits: Unlimited vacation, 6 weeks paid parental leave, 100% covered medical, dental and vision, 4 weeks of workcation (yeah, that is a thing at Rasa), tuition assistance.

How to Apply: Link at the top of this page ???

Applicants who contact us at anything other than the link reference above will be disqualified. Thanks for understanding!

 ???? Equal Opportunity, Obvs: Your gender, your gods, the color of your skin, who you love or have sex with, who you know (yep, even if you’re friends with someone here)...none of that matters. Rasa is a meritocracy: if you’re smart, good at your job, and sincerely want to make the world a better place with accessible plant medicine, hard work, and a whole lotta love...we want to hear from you.

And to be explicit: we wholeheartedly welcome trans people. We see you and we love you.

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